Installation and Training | On-site Service

Installation and Training | On-site Service

STEPLEAD expert with 20+ years experience will help you with machines installation step by step. Upon installation of your machines or line, the expert stay in your factory to monitor your new equipment run smoothly and train your technicians. After our expert leaving, STEPLEAD will provide 24/7 prompt and courteous service for your demand.

STEPLEAD expert provides the following services:

Installation of machines and equipment or filing line at the factory of the customer.

Synchronize and coordinate schedules with engineering to proceed switches and preventive maintenance operation.

Proceed necessary engineering modification on machines and filling line to optimize the performance and stability of machines.

Troubleshooting for machines’ issues.

Document all scheduled operation as per proper documentation policy.

Provide on-site training course for all necessary procedures.

A STEPLEAD expert will be responsible for installation, modification for your all machines in your factory. The only purpose for all these activities will aim at optimizing the equipment to maximize production capacity. STEPLEAD also assure the expert will proceed routine operations for the whole production line, and fully meet customer’s requirement for production.



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