Planned maintenance

Planned maintenance | After sales technical support

STEPLEAD will provide continuous after sales support to every customer. Also a solid warranty on each machine we sold, workmanship, performance, and solution response time. STEPLEAD service departments prepare thousands of various components stocking, ready for any urgent demand from the customer, to assure the fast and efficient fulfillment of all parts orders, which will effectively minimize downtime and productivity loss of customer’s factory.

STEPLEAD service expert is all qualified with 15-20+ years experience to ensure a smooth installation. They also provide on-site training and ongoing support.

After sales expert support will cover below:

  • Installation of machines in customer’s factory

  • Troubleshooting operation

  • Solve electrical, mechanical and software problems

  • Maintain and restore computerized machine history database.

If one of your demand is to reduce downtime due to machine’s breakdowns, you would want to learn more about the STEPLEAD VIP Guarantee.



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