"Quality of design- the design principles of their machinery are basically sound. Both of the items we purchased work to specification.
In defence of their quality I would say the 15Litre blow moulding mould they made for us would stand up well against any tooling I have seen anywhere.
Quality of after sales support- I would say this has been excellent. I have the utmost respect for John Lau & the way he and Steplead conduct their business. For example, we had an issue with the quality of some plastic handles that they produced for us & when the problems were identified there was no hesitation in arranging a credit & then rectifying the problem."  


"Yes, we are doing well here.
The rackstacker is working well and doing the job we need."    


"In addition, we would like to make concrete with you since in the past we have bought and we are very satisfied."


"Yes but that was bought 4 years ago, Fully automatic.
Very well all your equipment runs well took some adjustment. But all good."