Enterprise Information

Guizhou Moutai shares hit a record high, with a total market value of more than one trillion yuan

Guizhou Maotai continued to strengthen in the afternoon and the stock price broke through the 800-yuan mark, hitting a record high, with a total market value of over RMB 1 trillion. In the morning, the value of Guizhou Moutai exceeded the threshold of 1,000 billion.

Huiyuan Group Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Nantong Sanjian Holdings

On June 5th, Huiyuan Group and Nantong Sanjian Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement at Beijing Huiyuan Agricultural Miyun Industrial Base. Both parties aimed at the "One, Two, and Three Industries Linkage" of Huiyuan Group as the strategic cooperation goal, reached an agreement on advancing the agricultural industry, featured townships, and healthcare projects and formed strategic partnerships to jointly create a modern win-win architecture and sales service system.