"Drinks can become thinner", fat-reducing Coca-Cola is sought after

Your body also needs dietary fibe,take cereal drinks

It is known to supplement calcium, iron, and magnesium, but easy to overlook the dietary fiber that affects human health.

With the improvement of modern people’s lives, the intake of animal-based foods has continued to increase, and coarse grains and potato foods have gone down the table one after another. As a result, many people are faced with nutritional problems of insufficient dietary fiber intake. In fact, this is also detrimental to human health. of. The rigorous manufacturing process of cereal beverages preserves the outer skin of cereals and the use of whole grains. Compared with refined cereal foods, the dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals are all better utilized.


Dietary fiber refers to the polysaccharides contained in food that cannot be digested and absorbed by the human body. It is divided into two categories: insoluble and soluble, and it is also one of the nutrients that the human body must supplement every day.

Insoluble dietary-fiber beverages: Fruits and vegetables containing higher amounts of pectin in coarse grains, beans, potatoes, bananas, apples, and strawberries all contain higher soluble dietary fibers.

Soluble dietary fiber: celery, leek, spinach, beans, bean sprouts, carrots contain more insoluble dietary fiber.

Although it is not digested and absorbed by the human body, it has attracted more and more attention due to its special functions. Whole grains are a big source of our dietary fiber intake.


Nutritionists point out that at present, residents, especially middle-aged and elderly people, should pay attention to the intake of sufficient dietary fiber in addition to the intake of protein, sugar, fat, vitamins, and trace elements in the daily diet. It should also pay attention to the intake of sufficient dietary fiber to allow food such as whole grains and potatoes to be returned to the table.

Nowadays, more and more people have unhealthy eating habits, leading to the lack of dietary fiber needed by the body, causing poor intestinal peristalsis and easily producing more carcinogenic substances.

Not only that, the long-term ingestion of dietary fiber is insufficient, and it can easily lead to constipation, indigestion, endocrine disorders, and chronic diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

Moderate consumption of foods rich in cellulose, especially in the elderly, due to the weakening of digestive function, should pay attention to the intake of foods containing fiber.

Grain-rich dietary fiber will not be digested in the intestine. It can also absorb water molecules. It can cause food residues or toxins to run in the intestines. It can be quickly eliminated from the body to achieve the effect of detoxification. Therefore, you may wish to add grain drinks to your menu.

In the past year, there have been so many “net red” drinks in the beverage industry that have been fired from last year to this year and are known as “net red drink vanguard”. They are constantly appearing in the afternoon tea and social circles of young people. Some members of this team rely on facial expressions to win, some rely on science and technology, and others have main health slogans.

Among them, the most eye-catching and attention-grabbing is the weight loss of Coca-Cola and Sprite. In 2017, after 6 years of development, Coca-Cola launched a series of cola and sprites that are known to reduce fat in Japan. You know, in the weight loss world, drinking "Coke" and "Sprite" has been regarded as a synonym for getting fat. Even so, whenever summer comes, how many young friends risk eating and drinking, and then make a long slap, and instantly feel that life is without regret.

According to informed sources, Hunan Guizhou market will launch a new dietary fiber sprite product in March, causing concern in the food and beverage industry.

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"Drinks can become thinner", fat-reducing Coca-Cola is sought after

Therefore, the birth of fat-reducing Coca-Cola and Sprite was described by beauty bloggers as "the savior of the belly" and "the terminator of the double chin." The young friends who like to drink carbonated drinks also seem to have seen the light of hope that they can lay thin in the hot summer days. The more they drink, the leaner they are, and they immediately cheer the men and women around the world.

The secret of Coca-Cola, known as “Drinking to lose weight”, is that the ingredients are not the same as ordinary Coca-Cola. So, what kind of ingredient makes it have the effect of losing weight?

A careful observation of the fat-reducing Coca-Cola ingredient list will reveal that, unlike other Coca-Cola products, fat-reducing Coca-Cola and Sprite contain 0 g of sugar and 0 g of “indigestible dextrin”.

Indigestible dextrin is a water-soluble dietary fiber. The main use of this substance is to inhibit fat absorption, reduce blood fat, and contain no sugar and zero calories. "Drinking after a meal can reduce fat intake and can prevent the rise of neutral fat in the blood after a meal."

Therefore, many snack foods finally have a reason to let go. Using reduced-fat cola with French fries, chicken rice, and other fried snacks, there is no guilt at satisfying the appetite.


膳食纤维饮料成发展新趋势 日本减脂可乐变网红

The addition of dietary fiber leads to the transformation and upgrading of the beverage industry

Dietary fiber was added to the fat-reduced Coca-Cola and Sprite, and people in the industry also stated that this is a trend in the beverage industry to upgrade toward health.

According to the report of the United Nations Health Organization, the recommended amount of total cellulose in the daily diet of adults is 30-35 grams, while in the developed countries or countries, the average dietary fiber is only 15-20 grams, and the unreasonable changes in dietary nutrition structure Public health poses a great threat.

Supplementing the consumption of cellulose has not only become a consensus of the industry but also has become a knowledge of dietary nutrition known to consumers in the past decade. The addition of insoluble cellulose, such as wheat fiber, soy fiber, and apple fiber, to foods, has become a scientific method for increasing the value of solid foods. The water-soluble cellulose in the family of dietary fiber is a natural probiotic that maintains the human body's ecological health, which is beneficial for reducing dietary calories, weight loss, laxativeness, lowering blood fat, controlling blood glucose fluctuations, and promoting calcium absorption.

The dietary fiber contained in a bottle of fat-reduced Sprite and reduced-fat Coca-Cola is equivalent to two apples, which is also a great boon for consumers who love beverages and do not like fruits and vegetables. "I hope this fat-reducing Coca-Cola and Sprite can be listed in China earlier so that I can drink without burden." A Coke fan so said that reducing fat Coca-Cola to make people who love Coca-Cola happier.