Rescuing the Thai young football team 1 dead, Musk sent engineers support

Rescuing the Thai small football team 1 dead Musk sent engineers support


On July 2nd, there were news that 12 teenage football team players and their coach were still alive in the trapped cave. The rescue operation is still continuing.


A retired Thai Navy SEAL diver died in the early hours of the rescue of a teenage football team member in northern Thailand on Friday morning (6th), highlighting the dangers of rescue work. Thailand may have heavy rain this weekend, adding to the urgency of the rescue mission.


Former Navy SEAL diver died of Oxygen deficiency

"USA Today" reported that Seal Commander Arpakorn Yookongkaew said diver Saman Kunan died of Oxygen deficiency in a night mission. At the time, the volunteer was placing compressed air tanks along the exit route to help the boys escape the cave.


Saman Kunan left the SEALs in 2006 and later became an emergency rescuer at Bangkok Airport.


Saman Kunan rescued the Thai football team trapped in the cave and died of oxygen deficiency in the early hours of Friday. (Facebook)

The 38-year-old retired diver used up his oxygen. At about 1 am on Friday, he was found to have lost consciousness and died after being rescued. At the time, he was about half a mile from the location of the trapped 12 boys and their football coach.


Yookongkaew said that Thai King Vajiralongkorn announced that the diver will receive a royally sponsored funeral ceremony, including a military funeral at the Satthahip Naval Base in Pattaya and his hometown.


People praised him as a hero on Facebook and Twitter posts, and some people shared images on his Facebook page, showing that he is a dedicated runner and cyclist.


Another volunteer diver vows to continue the rescue operation

Another volunteer diver Ivan Karadzic told Sky News that after Saman Kunan's death, his "mood changed", but he expected the "Today or Tomorrow" rescue mission to continue.


Karadzic vowed that although a diver had passed away, the rescue operation will continue. "We lost a person, but we still have the confidence to carry out our work," he said.


It is imperative to supplement the oxygen level in the cave.

The governor of Chiang Rai Province, Narongsak Ossotthanakor, said that a large number of rescue workers were gathered in the underground tunnel of the cave, which had reduced the oxygen content in the cave. The authorities are working hard to get a 3 mile long pipe into the cave to help supplement the oxygen level.


The authorities revealed that the oxygen content fell to 15% and the normal level was 21%.


Army Deputy Commander Chalongchai Chaiyakham said the current focus is to fill the air inside the cave. The diver released 30 cans of air and tried to restore the cave's oxygen to a healthy level.


"We have to finish the laying of the air tube today... filled with air, the children can stay for a few months," Chaiyakham said.


There will be more rainfall attacks, the rescue time is urgent

Thai authorities are racing to pump water from the cave, but as the monsoon season approaches, more rainfall is expected to hit the northern region, and the situation becomes even more urgent.


The Thai authorities pumped water from the trapped caves of 12 young football team players and their coach. The rescue operation is still continuing.


On June 23, the young football team disappeared after completing a football match and entering the Tham Luang cave group in Chiang Rai province. On July 2, they reported that they were still alive in the cave. The boys are between the ages of 11 and 16, and their coach is 25 years old. Not everyone who is trapped can swim.


Officials warned that the chances of rescuing 12 boys and their coach were “limited” and the death of diver Saman Kunan raised a serious question: the proposed rescue route would allow the trapped small football team to pass the Tham Luang cave’s flooding channel?


The Associated Press reported that Navy Seals Commander Yookongkaew said, “At first we thought we could maintain the lives of our children for a long time, but now many things have changed. Our time is limited.”


At present, some areas of the cave where the children are located are still flooded, and some of them are as deep as the cave zenith.


Musk sent engineers to Thailand to support

US billionaire Elon Musk said his two companies, SpaceX and The Boring Company's engineers, are heading to Thailand to see if they can help.


Musk said his company has "promoted the penetration radar (technology)", "very good at digging holes", and its technology can "create an air tunnel under the water".


At the same time, FIFA President Gianni Infantino has invited this football team to Russia to watch the Russian World Cup finals. The condition is that these boys are rescued in time and are healthy enough to travel. #