60BPH 5 gallon water filling machine

water filling machine

60BPH 5 gallon water filling machine is extraordinarily intended for filling the immaculate water, refined water, mineral water and other microorganisms free fluids. As the hardware incorporates bottle washing, filling, top mounting, cover squeezing and completed item conveying, it is the perfect decision of water plants.
For operations, the gear can be designed with the accompanying machines: the container cover pre-warmer, auto decapping machine, purge bottle spillage identifying machine, bottle outside clothes washer, bottle outside clothes washer, bottle rack auto stacking machine, warm shrinkage film machine, light examination hardware. what's more, other hardware. It highlights its incorporation of cutting edge innovation and working guideline, abnormal state of computerization and simple operation.
Machine operation plan
The machine from exhaust bottle input antisepsis fluid flush and unadulterated water wash bottle stacking pushing jug to stand Ozone disinfect (Optional buy) immaculate water filling top requesting topping completed jug yield.
Determination subtle elements:


Items Specification
Production capacity 120 Buckets/hour
Bottle’s capacity 18.9 Liters (equal to 5 gallons)
11.3 Liters (equal to 3 gallons)
Bottle’s specification (mm) Φ270×490×Φ56
Cap’s specification (mm) Φ58×40 (strip:L18mm,W:7.5mm)
Rated input power 2.0KW
Electromotor power Conveying electromotor 0.37KW
Disinfectant washing pump 0.37KW
Pure washing/filling pump 0.55KW
Cap-aligning electromotor 0.06 KW
Power supply AC 380V±5%   50Hz
Controlling Power supply AC 24V±5%  50Hz
Rated current 11A
Net weight 260kg
Outer size 3225×700×1550(mm) (mm)
Requirement of air compressor 0.1 M³ 0.17 M³/Min   0.8Mpa/Cm²
Requirement of water supply 2.5M3/H