opp labeling machine,high labeling efficiency,low label cost

opp labeling machine,high production efficiency saving label cost a lot!

opp labeling machineSummary

Bottle OPP labeling machine is automatic linear hot melt labeling machine, widely used for different industries for mineral water, beverage, seasoning, alcohol and cosmetics etc.

It is easy to adjust the label cutting knife, easy and accurate to use handle to adjust the cutting position, the vacuum drum is made of high rigid material to reduce friction and static.

This machine adopts the compact structure design, floor space, suits many different bottles, high production capacity and so on.

Changing the bottle parts only needs less than ten minutes.

The vacuum manifold at the lower part of drum and cutter is made of heat & wear resistant material.

It is the best choice for clients.

labeling system of OPP labeling machine for bottled water filling machine


  1. It’s easy to adjust the cutting knife for cutting different label.
  2. Vacuum drum is made of high rigid material, with additional fold processing program which greatly reduce friction of labels.
  3. It takes less then 10 minutes for changing different bottle parts
  4. Available to operate manually, precisely and convenient to adjust position of cutting knife.
  5. Vacuum drum and label cutting edge are both made of wearing resistant and heat resistant materials.
  6. When label length changes, automatic adjusting button will adjust I-MARK position automatically.labeling structure of OPP labeling machine for water filling production