automatic glass bottle washing machine, good choice for beer filling production

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The Glass bottle clothes washer is utilized to clean the glass bottles for mineral water,pure water,juice and carbonated drink, liquor, wine thus on.It is a sort of hardware for the creation line of refreshment industry.
The Glass bottle clothes washer embraces constantly splashing and washing,it has high effectiveness and great washing result.
Operation depiction:
1. Jugs are stacked and emptied on a similar side of the machine and are transmitted by six wheels.
2. The machine is outfitted with a water tank and water pump. Containers are washed twice by flowed water and once by clean water, which can wash bottles successfully with less water utilization.
3. The jug bolster gadget in this machine was intended to guarantee high-weight fly of water splashed into the containers precisely.
4. The uncovered parts of the machine and any parts reaching fluid straightforwardly are made of stainless steel and nylon to meet sustenance cleanliness models.


Model BQS-12
Washing heads 12
Capacity 3000BPH(330ML)
Bottle dia. Φ55-Φ100
Bottle height 100-320mm
Motor power 1.12
Dimension(mm) 1200*1000*1800
Weight 800