Bottle capping machine,perfect bottle sealing after bottle filling

capping machine,sealing machine

This capping machine is designed for automatic capping performance and suite to connect complete production line. It exclude the disadvantages of traditional intermittent capping system, including low capping speed, cap not firmly, small application range etc. This new generation capping machine adapts linear bottle feeding system, automatic cap dropping system, non stop cap screwing system and many other new technology. Moreover, the cap dropping system adapts most innovative cap lifting dropping equipment, sharply increase the capping production capacity, and capping precise.

  1. Machine specification
Specification Details of Capping Machine
Capping Speed 50 ~ 200 Bottles per min (suggested speed 80BPM)
Jar Specs As per client’s sample dimension
Working Direction From left to right
Main Motor Power 1.3Kw 220V  50-60Hz
Dimension 2,400mm x 900mm x 1,600mm
N.W. 850Kg
  1. Description 1.Working temperature: 5~35℃
    2.Working humidity: ≤85%
    3.Working circumstance: no flammable or explosive gas or powder
    1.Machine structure and ability
    This capping machine combines container feeding, cap dropping, lifting, container separator, container clamper, cap screwing device, electronics parts, and body frame.
    1) Container feeding
    Adopts 60W stepless regulating motor for driving, conveyor chain structure, firm and durable, convenient for cleaning.
    2) Cap dropping structure
    Including cap lifting, sorting, cap dropping rail, and cap screwing devices.
    1.Cap lifting: rotation force comes from 60W stepless regulating motor, the production speed can be adjusted stepless as per different production requirement. The cap dropping speed can be over 200 pcs per minute. There is a photoelectric sensor on the top of cap dropping rail, which for stop cap lifting automatically when caps full; on the bottom of dropping rail, there also a photoelectric sensor. When lack of caps, the distance adjusting wheel on the conveyor will stop automatically, the bottles will pass by the cap dropping area. These two sets of photoelectric sensors work together to assure bottle and caps can enter into caps dropping area synchronously.
    1.Cap dropping rail device: put sorted caps on the containers automatically
    Cap dropping rail
    1.Filling tank, filling valve and liquid touch parts all are made of inner wall polishing micro carbon stainless steel, corrosion resistant, easy for cleaning.
                                                                      Cap screwing device
    3) Container separator
    Used for adjusting the distance between bottles, which is installed on the entrance of conveyor.
    1.Container clamper
    It would require the bottles clamping tight during sealing. The bottle clamper equipped with rubber layer, which has good suitability for different bottles diameters. In the whole sealing area, the cap clamper will hold bottles tightly to make sure cap sleeve and sealing smoothly.