The high-end water market is a completely different game rule!

The high-end water market is a completely different game rule!


Today I recommend the London Design Studio Studio h to design a package for the Svalbarði brand of glacier water. Cork, full transparent glass bottle, intricate snowflake logo and a blue-green texture that is reminiscent of the glacier.

This advanced water source comes from gradual disintegration of glaciers in Svalbard, Norway, which are fully utilized before they are completely ablated. These pristine glaciers have been around for thousands of years and are as pure as they were when they were first formed. Unlike the mineral water we most often come into contact with, it contains almost no minerals.

Founder Jamal Qureshi gave his wife a bottle of melted glacier water to make tea at Svalbarði, but she saw the business opportunities. Its bottled water unit price is 300 kr (about 230 yuan). Considering the cost of going to the island to collect naturally disintegrated ice and transport it back to the country, such a price is not too unreasonable. But the reaction of the average consumer will probably be the same as many of Jamal's friends. "Are you crazy?" They asked me."

But Jamal's self-confidence is based on extensive market research. He divides the bottled water market into three categories: the first is the most common, which is what we often call high-quality mineral water. The second category is the souvenir market, as if you took home the natural and pure water source as a memorial to have been there. This type of bottled water is usually used to attract your eyeballs in beautiful packaging. The third category is the luxury market.

"Svalbarði's positioning should be the second category, and it will be a great gift," Jamal said.

Svalbarði initially produced only 13,000 bottles of water for sale locally, but at a high-end water brand exchange last year, Svalbarði caught the attention of a Korean company who signed an agreement to buy 100,000 Svalbarði Bottled water is intended to be placed in the hotel market in South Korea.

In fact, these “high-level waters” that ordinary consumers may not understand already have a very mature market. If you visit ins often, you can clearly find that the girls not only love the sun bags, love the lipstick, love the sun shoes, love Sun Star Buck, but also love the packaging of high-grade bottled water.




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Perhaps as Jamal said: “In this (high-end) market, the focus is on the story behind the product, as well as the packaging and shape of the product.”

Coca-Cola Layouts High-end Water Market Introducing Baikal Natural Drinking Water to China

On May 11, COFCO reported that COFCO Coca-Cola and Russia's Baikalhai Company signed a processing and export transportation agreement at COFCO Plaza. According to the agreement, the two sides introduced the world's largest lake water, Baikal Lake natural drinking water, to the Chinese market, becoming another "family member" of China Keke Beverage into the high-end water market.
According to industry insiders, high-end drinking water with a price of more than 5 yuan has become the focus of major brands. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nongfu Spring and other domestic and foreign brands have been laid out. According to conservative estimates, the capacity of China's high-end water market will not be less than 10 billion yuan in the next few years, which is an attractive cake.

Coca-Cola and Nongfu Springs frequently produce high-end water

With the strengthening of consumer health needs, drinking water has become the first category of beverages. According to incomplete statistics, sales of drinking water in 2017 have exceeded 150 billion.

The drinking water industry has been racing in recent years, with numerous local brands and concentrated construction of drinking water filling plants. The brands such as Yibao and Farmers have grown rapidly, and the drinking water sold by water companies is still 2 yuan.

The reporter learned that COFCO Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. intends to introduce Russian drinking water into the Chinese market in 2017. According to media reports, "The company has analyzed 85 regions of Russia and concluded that the Far East is the most suitable." According to the circular, "Zhongke Beverage actively explores development opportunities, introduces high-quality natural water sources in the exploration and peninsula and Baikal Lake, promotes industrial upgrading with consumer demand upgrades, and builds COFCO's own high-end bottled water brand to enhance its market competitiveness." COFCO Coca-Cola's high-end water plan surfaced.

In fact, high-end drinking water with a price of more than 5 yuan has become the focus of major brands. At present, the domestic high-end water brand has a small share, accounting for only 10% to 15%, but according to Nielsen's data, the high-end water in the Chinese market. The growth rate is currently as high as 46% - 50%.

In recent years, water companies have frequently launched high-end water markets. Coca-Cola launched Valser's high-end bottled water, labelled "Imported from Switzerland", with information on the surface water from the melting of the Alps. The reporter saw on the Jingdong platform that the product was 7.5 yuan / bottle in 500 ml. Nongfu Spring is also closely watching the high-end drinking water market. The price of 750 ml of Nongfu Spring natural mineral water is 53 yuan, which is higher than the price of some red wines. The data is based on the “Low White Mountain Moyaquan Low Sodium and Light Minerals”.

"High-end water" is not a good business.

For high-end water, the importance of water sources is unquestionable.

According to the latest statistics of the Russian media, in 2017 the country has exported drinking water to 50 countries including China. The export volume of mineral water and drinking water was 100 million liters, and the value of goods was about 20 million US dollars. Among them, Baikal has already exported to several Asian markets.

Although water production is scarce, transportation difficulties and more advanced packaging and publicity, the cost is indeed higher than ordinary drinking water, but a bottle of 50, 60 yuan of high-end water, the profits are relatively rich.

Although "high-end water" has become a hot business, this business is not good. High-end water is not only good to drink, but the packaging also looks good.

Many consumers buy high-end water because of the "high bottle value." Many consumers bluntly say, "I bought it in a bottle."

In terms of marketing, many water companies are also heavily invested, and Coca-Cola has invited Jennifer Aniston and other big-name endorsements for its high-end water.

According to industry analysts, the drinking water market will be one of the hottest beverage markets to date. At present, the high-end water market has already produced subdivided products for different groups of people. For example, Nongfu Spring has launched a baby-only water source called Changbai Mountain underground self-heating spring, which is low temperature and zero pollution all year round. It is suitable for infants and young children. The Jingdong platform shows about 9 yuan and 1 liter. With the upgrading of consumption, the market demand for healthy and high-quality beverages is getting higher and higher, and the future drinking water market will exceed the market scale of 200 billion.

COFCO Coca-Cola distributes high-end water, and major water companies focus on high-quality water

After years of development and precipitation in bottled drinking water in China, its sales volume and market share have risen and fallen. At the same time, along with the iterative upgrade of national drinking water quality requirements, many well-known domestic and foreign water enterprise brands have successively launched high-end aquatic products. Domestic beverage giant COFCO Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongke Beverage”) also launched this summer. The high-end drinking water of Zhongke·Kanzaga is adding another fire to this market.

The trend of “water going to the heights” is obvious, and the beverages entering the market lead the high-end water category.

Under the stimulation of the rapid development of the market economy, the drinking natural mineral water industry has gradually ushered in large-scale development. According to the "2018 China Bottled Water Industry Market Prospect Research Report" released by the China Business Research Institute, in recent years, the retail volume of China's bottled water industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 10%. In 2017, the retail volume of China's bottled water market exceeded 100 million tons, an increase of about 10.95 percentage points year-on-year. The development of the bottled water market is evident.

Among the many bottled drinking water products, the high-end water category is particularly eye-catching. Compared with ordinary bottled water, high-end aquatic products not only meet the basic conditions of water safety and water quality, but also the water source is often an important basis for judging whether it is high-end. It is generally believed in the industry that only pure natural drinking water derived from glacial meltwater, original ecological water sources, and long-lived regions of the world can be classified as high-end water products.

It is reported that the high-end aquatic products released by Zhongke Beverage are from Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula and Lake Baikal respectively, and the population density (population/square kilometer) is less than 10. Among them, the Kamchatka Peninsula is located in the Far East of Russia, close to the extremely cold land, inaccessible, and the ecological environment is close to the original state. It was once praised as “the country of ice and fire” by National Geographic. It was once called the unmanned in history. Area. Lake Baikal, as an ancient kingdom that has been preserved for 25 million years by nature, not only has an amazing amount of water storage, but also is far from pollution, ecological protection is intact, and the self-circulating nature of the millennium has been created for thousands of years. Nowadays, the extremely clear and pure water quality is the best choice for high-end water sources.

At present, the “Zhongke·Kanzaga” drinking natural water has been launched on the market. The sodium index is 3.6mg/L and the hardness is only 51mg/L. It is soft in the industry's well-known hardness index range 50-150. Drinking low-sodium water can effectively relieve physiological and metabolic stress, and is suitable for all people. Infants and the elderly are especially suitable for drinking. In addition, Kamchatka's water has a pH of 7.8, which is a naturally weak alkaline water suitable for human consumption.

Zhongke Beverage regards “clean water, living water and water purification” as the three major standards of China World Water. It is committed to exploring the world's high-quality water sources and bringing good quality water to the people. “Zhongke·Kamcaga” or Leading the high-end water market this summer.

Domestic and foreign brands are competing in the same field, and the pattern is yet to be determined.

In the 1980s, foreign water companies branded the country and occupied the high-end water consumption market for a long time. Until 2005, the rapid growth of bottled drinking water sales and the huge demand for high-quality water by consumers made the market successfully attract domestic The big drink giant has become the latest battlefield for its landing. At present, all water companies at home and abroad have already appeared in the market. The launch of high-end water products in the middle of July this year means that China's high-end water market has attracted a strong giant to enter the game. It ushered in a climax. The official website of COFCO Group wrote in a notice on May 11 that Zhongke Beverage and Russia's Baikalhai Company signed an agreement on processing and export transportation. "China Keke Beverage actively explores development opportunities and cultivates new growth points in water products, relying on professionalism. The operation of the platform will introduce high-quality natural water sources in the Kamchatka Peninsula and Lake Baikal, promote industrial upgrading with consumer demand upgrades, and build a high-end bottled water brand to enhance its market competitiveness."

However, compared with China's huge market scale, the performance of many high-end aquatic products and brands behind it is often counterproductive. The reasons are different, but nothing is insufficient marketing, limited brand marketing capacity, and consumption. The group still needs to be cultivated and several factors are combined. The sales channels of existing high-end aquatic products in China are often different from those of low-end and mid-end aquatic products, and the sales channels are not closely linked to the consumption and drinking scenarios that meet the characteristics of the products. The performance of brand marketing is usually lacking, or because foreign companies face the “consistency” of Chinese consumers, or because of the limited strength and ability of domestic corporate brand marketing.

According to industry-related research reports, for water companies, scale effect and channel diversification are the core factors for their continued profitability, and the formation of product differences and brand effects is the key to success in competition. After satisfying the basic thresholds such as excellent water quality and rare water source, high-end drinking water products urgently need to deepen the sales channels of optimized products, establish differentiated awareness of products and brands, and increase market promotion efforts. These requirements seem easy, but they are extremely challenging for the comprehensive capabilities of the company. Based on the long-term sales experience of Zhongke Beverage and the global resource distribution, the sales channels are extensive, the brand promotion ability is strong, and consumers The recognition of the brand is obviously better than other enterprises. The newly launched high-end drinking water products of China-Beverage beverages will suddenly emerge and become a dark horse in China's high-end water market.