A button to make beer, LG is about to launch a capsule-type craft beer machine

A button to make beer, LG is about to launch a capsule-type craft beer machine

Capsule coffee machine, capsule soymilk machine, capsule tea machine... All kinds of capsule drink machines appear in front of people, but you may not have thought that this technology can also be applied to beer.

According to foreign media The Verge, today, LG announced that they will launch a capsule-based craft beer machine, LG HomeBrew, at CES 2019.

Like most capsule drinkers, LG HomeBrew offers 'beer capsules' for one-off use, but unlike them, LG HomeBrew is not a 'just-in-time'.

This 'beer capsule' contains malt, yeast, hop oil and seasonings. After putting it into the machine and pressing a button, LG HomeBrew will automatically complete a series of beer brewing processes such as cooking and fermentation, ultimately from manufacturing to manufacturing. Automate the cleaning process.

In addition, HomeBrew also provides an app that allows users to view the state of the wine at any time.

HomeBrew not only provides an easy way to make craft beer, it also improves the quality of the beer.

According to LG, HomeBrew will ensure efficient and stable beer brewing process through precise temperature, pressure control and optimized algorithms to achieve optimal brewing quality.

The whole cleaning process is also relatively simple. It only needs to inject water into the machine, and the machine will be automatically heated and disinfected to ensure the cleanliness of the next brewing.

Currently, LG HomeBrew will offer five types of beer capsules: US IPA, American Ale, British Shitao Beer, Belgian White Beer, Pearson Beer, which can produce about 5 liters of beer in about two weeks, depending on the type of beer. .

With it, you can also make beer.

How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?
Good to drink, there is no absolute standard. You only have to try more to find the taste that suits you best.
"Life is like two bottles of beer that you have to drink.

A bottle is sweet, a bottle is sour

Drinking sweet first, then must be sour and bitter. ”

- Shaw's "Sixty Self-Reports"

How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?

Hello everyone, the three-minute series is back. Today we are going to talk about the more recent craft beer.

Maybe you will ask, beer, this kind of thing, all the streets are green bottles, eating three kinds of bottles of roasting anger, spit and spit down, what is good research? You are wrong, beer is the most complicated wine in the world, there are countless brands, and their flavors are similar to roller coasters - you can make you sweet to fly, you can also make you feel dizzy, good brewing A lot, pit more.

“Hey, this XXX Triple IPA, triple Indian pastel Ayr?”

"The name is very cow X, look boring!"

- bitter to retching + doubtful life

“Hey, Belgian Cherry Lambics, Belgian Cherry Rambike?”

"Cherry fruity beer, the girl must like it!"

- The sister is sore to cry, break up on the spot, human tragedy

“Hey, European manor hand-made beer, small-volume production of all-natural yeast?”

"The things in the niche are unclear, I have a taste..."

- A stinking scorpion tastes your mouth

Therefore, you need a guide to prevent pits, even if you learn to show off in the bar, it is not bad.

How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?

1. First, let's figure out what is Craft Beer.
Craft Beer, literally translated as "craft beer." To put it simply, it is a group of winemakers, niche wineries and senior drinkers who are unwilling to follow the crowd, researching the winemaking process, using selected raw materials, super serious attitudes, and some small ideas, carefully crafted. beer.

Just like the spirit of artisans, it advocates free creation and unlimited taste experience, which is suitable for slowly taste rather than blowing bottles. Therefore, it has its own high-ranking group of small people, and there are several streets with large green bottles. On the other hand, due to the variety and taste, Xiaobai is very easy to step on the pit.

How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?

▲This is a beer type division map, feel the complexity

2, anti-push knowledge point 1 Aier Ale VS Lager Lager
Beer is the most complex alcoholic beverage in the world. According to the World Beer Classification Guide, there are currently about 120 types of beer known, and this is only a statistic. Although there are so many kinds, you only need to understand the two basic classifications, and remember their characteristics, not only not easy to step on the pit, but also cavity.

Aier Beer: It is relatively old. It adopts the upper fermentation method and has short storage time. It is suitable for small batch and small workshop production. The entrance is first of all the aroma of hops, yeast and other ingredients, followed by the malt aroma of the body. It accounts for more than 80% of the beer variety, and most of the craft beer belongs to Ayr.

Lager beer: also known as "lettle beer", relatively young, using the bottom fermentation method, long storage time, suitable for large-scale, industrial production. The entrance is malt aroma, and the aroma of hops, yeast and ingredients remains less. In order to meet the needs of industrial production, the flavor is usually quite satisfactory, even very light. All the big green bottles you can see in China, as well as some bottled and canned imported beer, belong to Lager.

Read this, you should understand: Ayr is usually better than Lager.
How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?

▲Leigh Ayr, right Lager

The distinction between the two cannot be based on color, depending on the wine label. Ayr will emphasize that he is Ale; Lager mostly does not care about identity, likes to call himself Beer.

This is for historical reasons. Before the advent of fresh-keeping technology, most of the beer could not be stored for a long time. Lager, as a small part of beer that can be stored for a long time, has been able to travel from the birthplace of the sea to the world and become the "beer" in our eyes.

With the development of technology, mass production of Lager is possible in the United States. In order to reduce costs and allow you to drink a few more bottles at a time, Americans deliberately lighten Lager and created the variant of “American Industrial Lager”. Later, the industrial beer brewing method returned from the United States to the hometown of Europe, and again to the world through the hands of Europeans, affecting our perception of beer.

As a result, the American industry faded Lager into a "beer." This general term is one-sided, pay attention to it.
How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?

3, anti-stepping knowledge point 2 wild full of natural fermented beer
It is a beer category that is independent of Ayr and Lager. It is very small and the method of brewing is wild - the raw materials are placed in a ventilated room, waiting for the natural wild yeast in the air to ferment.

This kind of beer has extremely high environmental requirements, and the fermentation method and rancidity have the same effect. It is slightly biased, and all the raw materials in a pool are lost. Because of this, you can't see it in industrial beer, you can master it all the masters of the craft beer circle, the output is not high. As for its flavor, it is a word: sour!

The most well-known Belgian Rambeck beer Lambic. Its sour taste is definitely a person who loves you clearly, who doesn't love it. If you taste it, you will be sour and don't want it. If you love it, drink a bottle and come back with a bottle.

How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?
4, anti-push knowledge points 3 simple derivative classification you must understand
As mentioned earlier, the official identification of beer has 120 categories (still increasing), which are basically derived categories. However, the change is not separate from the sect. When we talk about the craftsmanship, the basics are all kinds of Ale. As long as you know the following basic derivative categories, and match your own taste needs, you are not afraid to find the crafts you like.

By the way, all the brews need to drink slowly, don't be bored, don't blow the bottle! The high degree is not awkward!

Pale Ale (PA): pastel Ayr

Pastel Ayre, also translated as light beer, from the UK. This type of beer uses a slightly roasted malt, so the body is bright and pale yellow. The typical PA balances the bitterness of the hops and the sweetness of the malt. It is mild and refreshing. Some winemakers will creatively add a wide variety of ingredients.

The threshold is low, just drink, and there is no pressure.

India Pale Ale (IPA): Indian pastel Ayr

Not invented by Indians. It is an advanced version of PA that incorporates a large amount of hops (excellent anti-corrosion properties) during brewing, making it more suitable for long-distance transport. The British continue to ship this wine to India, and people simply call it India's pastel Ayre. Why not just drink Lager directly? The British said that it was a German wine.

The most eye-catching aspect of IPA is hops. According to the variety and output conditions of hops and the creation of winemakers, IPA presents a variety of special aromas ranging from floral, fruity to woody. In addition, because of the more hops, the taste of IPA will be bitter and more dry.

Slightly bitter, full of aroma, recommended tasting, not recommended with food (will grab the taste).

American India Pale Ale: American IPA

As the largest producer of hops, American craftsmen prefer to work hard in hops compared to their European counterparts. They broke through the traditional IPA brewing method, maximizing the potential of hops, and finally got the American IPA with a strong scent of aroma and a certain degree of bitterness.

The typical American IPA is a feast of smell. In addition to the aromas mentioned above, it may also contain "heavy flavors" such as loose smoke, resin, roasted nuts, and chocolate.

The most obvious type of craftsmanship in your personal style can be as cool as flying or dizzy. Curious and serious patients, not afraid of suffering pure men, recommended. The American IPA that can accept the universal model means that you have completely entered the pit of the craft.

How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?

▲The United States is the birthplace of modern craftsmanship, as well as TV shows.

Stout: Shi Tao Beer

Also from the UK, Ale uses baked hops with a dark brown or black color. The palate is rich and moist, the foam is very fine, almost no bitterness, replaced by a coffee-like taste. As the ancestor of the dark beer, Stout has a lot of derivative categories, but the taste is not basically changed, so there is also a nickname for “Cream Shitao”.

One of Stout's most famous derivatives is Porter, which, as the name suggests, is a “port beer” that is dedicated to dockers and sailors. The biggest difference between it and Stout is that it tastes strong and rough.

Older people in beer, the first choice for sweets. Not suitable for booze, don't waste its exquisiteness.

Monastery beer

There are many foreign names, including Biered'abaye, Trappist, and so on. It is a well-recognized work in the beer world, with a long history (the earliest brewing method comes from the Middle Ages), the smell is fragrant and varied, the taste is complex and rich, the alcohol content and the wort concentration are very good, it is a drink that can make you drink. Beer (provided you are not drunk). As a top product, Abbey Beer is absolutely enough, of course, novices can not understand.

Abbey beer involves religion and its certification is extremely strict. There are currently only 11 species in the world. The version made without the monk's own production and authorized by the winery is called Abbey Beer. The difference between the two, you understand the high fixed and sales money on the line.

How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?

▲The only 11 abbey beer in the world

The first choice for cavity blowing. High fortune doesn't mean that the taste is really for you. The most important criterion for abbey beer is that the proceeds are used for charity.
5, psychological misunderstandings that have to be paid attention to
Seeing this, I believe that you already have a lot of thoughts. Let’s solve some psychological misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding one

Beer is cheap, so much more attention

Winemaker, you should put the knife down first... As we said before, today's beer is popular, behind the human industrial revolution. However, this large-scale, low-cost production has caused a linear decline in beer flavor diversity, which is also an indisputable fact. I think that beer is not learned, either because I have never really tasted a good beer, or if I am ignorant.

After all, people wear clothes every day, but this does not hinder a small part of the clothes, become a boutique, even a luxury.

Misunderstanding 2

German beer world first
German beer is really good, and wheat yeast beer is popular in China, but they are not the best in the world. On the ability and history of brewing beer, Belgium and France do not fall into the wind. Moreover, most of the German beer we can reach in China is also industrial beer, which is still far from the fine brew.

How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?

▲ “How to drink beer like a German”

Misunderstanding three

Hand brewing is crafting

In fact, the craft beer you can buy, whether in cans or in bulk, is not purely crafted. Even the benchmarks in the craftsmanship and the traditional abbey beer are also produced using machines. Except for rare cases, pure handmade beer is almost extinct in the market.

Misunderstanding four

The unfamous brand must be better than the famnous brand.
This is not necessarily true. Large wineries have technical advantages and superior quality control techniques. If they really decide to make a good brew, small wineries and individual workshops will still be defeated. In recent years, there have been many cases of large-scale wineries acquiring niche brands. There are more and more “original pulp” and “boutique” series on the market, which are the clues for the big-name preparation of serious wine.

How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?

Misunderstanding five

Drink beer must be served with wine

No, I really don't need it. In Europe, where beer is generally of a higher quality than domestic ones, they drink alcohol. Chinese people like to drink beer because they are too light, because the domestic industrial beer is too light, when the water is drinking... Believe me, when you have a 15° Stout in your hand, you will not want to drink.

Misunderstanding six

Old recipes must be good

Craft beer is a fashionable part because of its own niche and craft temperament. Just like the International Popular Color Association (the famous Pantone), the color of the next year is predicted every year, and the craft beer has a trend – every few years, there will be a new style of rise. As a new concept that only entered the country in 2008, Craft Beer and its new formula will not lose to the old guys.

How to pick a few bottles of good craft beer in 3 minutes?

So, what is the best craftsmanship?
There is a passage on the official website of the American Winemakers Association:

"Beer belongs to every consumer.

We don't want to limit the properties of beer

This should have the drinker choose and judge according to their own preferences. ”

Good to drink, there is no absolute standard. You only have to try more to find the taste that suits you best. Taking advantage of the hot weather, hurry up and drink.