Reignwood Group enters the high-end water, farmers, COFCO, Danone Strive to occupy the market, the distribution of high-quality water sources reveals secrets!

Reignwood Group enters the high-end water, farmers, COFCO, Danone Strive to occupy the market, the distribution of high-quality water sources reveals secrets!

Reignwood Group's Zhuxi VOSS water is officially listed, and it is undoubtedly a deep-water bomb for the domestic high-end water market.

High quality water is one of the main selling points of high-end water. Tibet glaciers, Qinghai Kunlun Mountains, Changbai Mountain, Guangxi Bama, Xinjiang Tianshan, etc. have corresponding high-end water brands. For companies entering the high-end water market, the water source is the most fierce and the most expensive. In recent years, all the companies that are interested in entering the high-end water market have launched enclosure movements around the domestic high-quality water sources. This trend has intensified.

In a report, Mintel pointed out that the vast majority of consumers (71%) believe that “from high-quality water sources” best reflects the high-end image of bottled water, including mineral water, and the dominant view of “high-end, high-quality water source”. It is likely to continue to maintain an important position in the future. Not only Reignwood Group, many companies are actively deploying high-end water, such as Nongfu Spring to buy New Zealand high-end water brand, COFCO Coca-Cola high-end water plan also surfaced, Danone introduced high-end imported water brand in China, without exception... The fact that these brands are highly valued in the choice of water sources.

So, where are the high-quality water sources that high-end water brands are vying for? Food board to take everyone to find out!

First look at the domestic quality water source

Bamboo Creek, Hubei

Coordinate: Taoyuan Township, Zhuxi County

Representative brand: Reignwood Group VOSS water

Features: According to the authoritative organization, Zhuxi Reignwood Group VOSS water source 锶 content 0.49-1.03mg / L, far higher than the national standard, PH value is natural weak alkaline, water age up to 12020 years, all indicators are in line with drinking natural mineral water National standard. The mineral water is a large-scale natural exposed mineral water with the characteristics of “sorghum, weak alkali and low sodium”.

Changbai Mountain Moya Spring

Coordinate: Fusong County, Baishan City, Jilin Province

Representative brand: Nongfu Springs high-end glass bottle water

Features: 3.5 kilometers from the factory of Nongfu Spring, it is the water source Moya Spring. Moyaquan is a group of springs, consisting of multiple springs, located within the Lushuihe National Forest Park, about 60 kilometers from the main peak of Tianchi. The water supply is from the Changbai Mountain Nature Reserve. The factory is located next to the forest park. Moyaquan is an extremely precious low-sodium mine.

Changbai Mountain Deep Mineral Spring Silver Spring

Coordinates: White Mountain Range, Southeastern Jilin Province

Representative brand: Evergrande Ice Spring

Features: Winter has ice and snow smog scenery, summer is a summer resort, autumn is colorful, spring ice and snow melts, everything grows, unique latitude and geographical environment, Changbai Mountain is a natural aquatic area. The Hengda Ice Spring Changbai Mountain deep volcanic rock cold spring containing various beneficial minerals such as silicic acid, magnesium calcium, potassium and sodium is formed by circulating, adsorbing and leaching in this natural volcanic rock.

Kunlun Mountain Yuzhufeng

Coordinates: Golmud, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province

Representative brand: Kunlun Mountain

Characteristics: Kunlun Mountain Snow Mountain Mineral Water originates from the Kunlun Snow Mountain at an altitude of 6,000 meters on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a filter of mineralization after more than 50 years of melting and mineralization of the Yuzhufeng Wannian Glacier. It is not only natural and pure, but also rich in perfect balance. Minerals and trace elements, also have small molecular group water properties, which is beneficial to human body absorption and promote waste and toxin metabolism in the body.

Primitive Glacier in the Nyainqentanglha Mountains

Coordinate: Central and Eastern Tibet

Representative brand: 5100 Tibet Glacier Mineral Water

Characteristics: The “5100” water source is located in the foothills of the Nyainqentanglha Mountain in Tibet, and is accompanied by the world-famous “Tianhu” Namutuo. The altitude of 5,100 meters keeps it away from pollution. The prehistoric glaciers melt under the action of magma and geothermal heat. After filtering, infiltration and mineralization of the Millennium rock layer, it is rich in life elements such as lithium, strontium and metasilicate. It is rare in the world. Variety. According to the European Community (EC) drinking water quality standard, the 5100 Tibet glacial mineral water has the strontium content of the European Union (EC) standard, which meets the highest requirements of the world's water quality, and is a low-lying water body.

Glacier Groups in the Everest Region

Coordinate: Middle section of the Himalayas at the junction of the Tibet Autonomous Region and the Kingdom of Nepal

Representative brand: Everest Glacier

Features: The Everest Glacier water source is located at the foot of Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. In 1996, Everest Glacier Company began to explore high-quality water sources under the support of the local government. It took ten years to pass the national approval, water quality testing, and detailed demonstration. After sufficient preparation, the Pearl River glacier mineral spring was officially produced and launched. The Everest Glacier self-flux natural mineral water, through the rock layer leaching, mineralization, alpine and geomagnetic activation, the high pressure naturally spewed out, the whole process lasted for 16500 years, the water age is longer, the water quality is better.

The competition for foreign water sources is becoming more and more fierce

new Zealand

Coordinates: Near Wakatani, North Island, New Zealand

On behalf of the brand: Otakiri water acquired by Nongfu Spring

Features: Nongfu Springs has finally finalized the acquisition of the Otakiri Springs bottled water plant through its New Zealand company Creswell NZ. Otakiri Water from New Zealand has a history of more than 1,800 years of water. The Otakiri water directly in the center of Bay of Plenty is sourced from a flow well. It is called the “932” water source by hydrologists. It is transported and purified by rainwater. Come, rich in a variety of minerals.

New Zealand Southern Alps

Coordinates: Southern Alps, South Island, New Zealand

Representative brand: Danone AORAKI Extreme Land

Features: Danone's blue water source in China is the Southern Alps of New Zealand's South Island. Danone believes that the rain and snow melt in the Southern Alps has been permeable for more than 60 years and is buried 85 meters underground in the Canterbury Plain. Among the aquifers, the AORAKI is extremely low-mineral, sodium-free, and elegant, soft.

French Alps

Coordinates: Evian town, France, backed by the Alps, facing Lake Geneva

Representative brand: Evian

Characteristics: Rainwater from alpine snowmelt and Evian towns and mountains in the hinterland of the Alps has been subjected to 15 years of natural filtration and mineralization of glacier sands to form Evian water flowing down the mountain. Because Evian water's PH value is close to neutral, it is more easily absorbed by the skin and replenishes water. Therefore, in Evian Town, spas and centers for treatment and beauty abound, and of course, the beauty of the pursuit of healthy people. Preferred.


Coordinates: Kamchatka Peninsula and Lake Baikal

Representative brand: COFCO Coca-Cola cooperation brand BAIKAL

Characteristics: Recently, COFCO said that COFCO Coca-Cola and Russia's Baikalhai Company signed a processing and export transportation agreement at COFCO Plaza. According to the agreement, the two sides will make full use of the resource advantages and strengthen the alliance to introduce the world's largest lake, Baikal Lake's natural pollution-free drinking water, into the Chinese market, and become another "family member" of Zhongke Beverage to enter the high-end water market.


Coordinates: Scandinavia in the northern part of Europe

On behalf of the brand: imported VOSS water.

Characteristics: VOSS natural water source is produced in a pure land in southern Norway. It is derived from deeper deep self-flow than underground aquifer. From there, the source of natural water and minerals is low in content, healthy, pure, safe and natural. The palate is soft, pure and clear.

Remarks: The above pictures are from the official website of the company or the official sales channel.

Jiangsu Lishui was sealed as the "hometown of mineral water": want to become a high-end water source, shoulder to shoulder France Evian
On December 25th, the press conference hosted by Xinhua Daily and the Yishui County Committee and the Xinhua Daily Xinhua Media Think Tank, the “Watershed of China's Mineral Water” in Lishui County and the high quality of the water industry in Lishui The Development Seminar was held at Nanjing Xinhua Newspaper Media Plaza. At the meeting, the China Minerals Federation Natural Mineral Water Professional Committee officially awarded the honorary title of “China's Mineral Water Township” in Lishui County, and Lishui County became the 13th in the country and the first city in Jiangsu to receive the title.

"Our review criteria are very strict. Now one year, maybe one in the future." Liao Lei, secretary general of the China Minerals Natural Mineral Water Committee, said that in the past 15 years, the committee has issued a total of 12 brands to the domestic market. Getting this brand means recognizing the quality of local mineral water.

Lishui is named after the water. This is a special plate in the water town of Jiangsu. The ancient Huaihe River, Yanhe River, Weihe River and Weihe River pass through the city.

According to the deputy secretary of the Lishui County Party Committee and the county magistrate, Mr. Shi Yong introduced that in March of this year, the East China Geological Exploration Bureau of Nonferrous Metals of Jiangsu Province conducted a comprehensive survey of the groundwater resources of the county and found that there are high quality underground deep circulating mineral waters throughout the territory of Qinshui County. Resources. Lishui County immediately launched the application for the title of “Hometown of Mineral Water in China”.

According to the application materials provided by Lishui County, the elastic storage capacity of the discovered mineral water resources in the region is about 173 million tons. There are 47 mineral water wells identified through the mineral water boundary index, and the resources of 4 wells are named as “ The combination of silicic acid and strontium composite mineral water, and indicators such as microorganisms and heavy metals are in line with the "Water Quality Standard for Drinking Natural Mineral Water".

According to reports, the county will give full play to the advantages of resources, location, transportation, etc., increase investment in research and development of mineral water, deepen the connotation of mineral water industry, strengthen the management and protection of mineral water resources, and promote modern service industry and ecological agriculture. The all-round embedded development continues to promote the construction of “Ganglai Mineral Spring Town” in Gaogou Town, build a large and medium-sized mineral water production base, and actively expand the non-drinking mineral water business to create a new economic growth point. Strive to achieve 2020, the mineral water production capacity is controlled within 2 million tons, to achieve production and sales of 1 million tons, to achieve sales income of 2 billion yuan, tax revenue of 200 million yuan, 3,000 new jobs, and ultimately form a foothold in Jiangsu, facing East China, radiation nationwide Mineral water production base.

International water source high-end water new battlefield

The domestic high-end water battlefield opened the 2.0 version after the killing of Evergrande Ice Spring, Baisui Mountain, 5100, Kunlun Mountain. According to a survey conducted by the Beijing Business Daily, the high-profile water products from the previous water companies originated from the domestic water sources such as Kunlun Mountain and Changbai Mountain. The high-end waters of the current market have brought European “foreign aid”, and European water sources such as Switzerland and Norway have been popular. Competition water source is considered by the company to be the winner of the current high-end water market, and high-end water has become a breakthrough point for water enterprises to break. When a new round of competition opens, it is still unclear who can stand out from the crowd.

Introducing European "foreign aid"

This summer, during the peak season of drinking water sales, Danone launched the Extreme Land Lan to officially start the battle for high-end water market. More than Da Neng can lay out the high-end water market, Coca-Cola launched Valser high-end bottled water, and held the label “Swiss imported”. In March of this year, Shenzhen Jingtian Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. disclosed that the company will extend its reach to the high-end water market and launch the “Blairquhan Originally Wanted” brand. At the same time, Nongfu Spring has already launched a variety of high-end custom bottled water. Last year, Red Bull's parent company, China Reignwood Group, was confirmed to have acquired a slightly higher 50% stake in Norwegian premium bottled water VOSS for about $105 million. Through this transaction, the Norwegian company hopes that this cooperation with Reignwood Group will cut into the fast-growing Chinese market, and the Reignwood Group Group can extend its FMCG products to China's high-end water market.

In addition, the high-end water brands commonly found in the market include Pune, San Bi Tao, Paris Water, and Porto. The constant influx of incoming people has also made this market the focus of competition.

Among the many high-end water brands, the water source has become a publicity point for various companies. Danone's blue water source is the southern Alps of New Zealand's South Island. Danone believes that the rain and snow melts in the Southern Alps have been permeable to filtration for more than 60 years, and are buried in the aquifer of 85 meters underground in the Canterbury Plain. Among them, the AORAKI is extremely low-mineral, sodium-free, and elegant, soft. The water source on which Evian relies is the small town of Evian, France.

Coca-Cola's Valser, the water source is the Swiss Alps; the VOSS introduced by Reignwood Group relies on the endorsement of the Norwegian water source; the water source of St. Bitao is the exclusive artesian well in the town of SCORZE in the Veneto region, the natural gas-filled well of the wave The water source is the Badoit Ouest spring in the town of Sant'Agamil, France.

Beijing Business Daily reporter found that most of the high-end aquatic products on the market are imported. In the imported products, more products come from Europe, and Europe has become an important source of water for enterprises. The good ecological environment in Europe makes the enterprises rush to the water source, making the struggle of the “European” high-end water in the market particularly fierce.

10 yuan price belt molding

At present, the price of high-end aquatic products on the market is generally more than 10 yuan, and the price of products is more than tens of yuan. Beijing Business Daily reporter found that Coca-Cola's Valser, Tmall Mall 500ml*6 bottle price is 59 yuan, about 10 yuan per bottle. The original price of 500ml*24 bottles on the first floor of the No. 1 shop is 219 yuan, about 9 yuan per bottle. The price of Evian 330ml is also about 10 yuan, the price of Puna 750ml is 19 yuan, and the price of St. Bi Tao 750ml is 16 yuan. In the price range of more than 20 yuan, the price of the 330ml product of the Mediterranean pine forest has reached 22 yuan, and the VOSS high-end water 375ml product introduced by the Reignwood Group Group is priced at 25 yuan.

More and more water companies have entered the high-end water industry, and marketing expert Lu Shengwei believes that there are two factors: low risk and high profit. A bottle of water can maintain a profit of 50%-200% in addition to the cost of production and transportation, which is tempting for many companies. The quality of high-end water is easy to guarantee. Unlike other beverage products, it is necessary to add a large amount of additives, and consumers' demands for water are mostly psychological feelings, instead of being as specific and clear as other beverages and foods. As long as there is a good source of water and channel guarantee, the brand will be well-built, and a water brand will basically succeed. The demand for high-end water by Chinese consumers will continue to grow, which is a relatively small investment risk for enterprises.

Regarding the profit of high-end water, many companies interviewed by Beijing Business Daily reporters all expressed that they belonged to trade secrets and could not disclose them. However, some industry insiders who do not want to be named said that the price margin of imported water is 20%-50% higher than that of ordinary water. The profit of high-end water is not 20%, and may be as high as several hundred percent. . In addition to some traditional water companies based on high-end water good profits and better growth space, there are also some beverage companies that are starting to decline, such as sugary drinks. In addition to the high cost of mining rights, the cost of high-end water will be lower than that of beverages in the production process, which ensures that the products have sufficient profits.

Version 2.0 debut

Before the import of high-end aquatic products in the Chinese market, the domestic market has already experienced the killing of domestic brands. Brands such as Tibet 5100, Evergrande Ice Spring, Baisui Mountain and Kunlun Mountain were the first to enter the high-end water market. In 2015, high-end water has begun to fall from the apex market to the waist market collectively, the channels are saturated, and the whole competition is caught in the advertising war of burning money. This is also known as the 1.0 era of domestic brands testing high-end products.

Lu Shengyu believes that the real high-end water in the country is very small, mostly under the banner of high-end, and it is the price of mid-end water of 2-5 yuan. That is to rely on this strategy, brands such as Baisui Mountain and Evergrande Ice Spring have directly brought "high-end water" such as Evian to the camp below 10 yuan. The strategy of domestic high-end water is a concept confusion strategy, which adopts a high-low-low competition method, that is, the brand image is extremely high, and the price is lower than the psychological price corresponding to the brand image that consumers create from their advertisements. This gives consumers a sense of psychological satisfaction, catering to the Chinese consumers who want to maintain the attitude of high-end consumers, and will not fall into a state of shackles.

In the view of Lu Shengyu, the so-called high-end water of domestic brands has always been a “pseudo-concept”. At present, the domestic high-end water market is still a high-named market, but in fact it is a strategic demand for robbing the real high-end market space, but The result of this practice is the blood wash that is currently seen, and then kills a large number of brands. Another analyst believes that the current high-end water dispute has entered the 2.0 version, the definition of high-end water is becoming clearer, and the propaganda concept of water source will continue, but the real high-end water development still needs to explore its own. Road.