labeling machine for opp hot melt adhesive labeling process

opp labeler
hot glue melting labeling machine

OPP labeler is appropriate for OPP material naming, it is anything but difficult to work, and helpful to change the form. It is coordinated to top of the line clients at home and abroad.

1. It applies to a line of glue volume, the utilization of nearby means stick, stick utilization of little, low running expenses.
2. Because of the plan of high-accuracy handling necessities of strict and fastidious get together, so that the dependability of the machine running, and creation limit can achieve 30,000 containers/hour.
3. Checked station is the heart of the air ship, intended to finish the standard trademarks station transmission steady pressure; trademarks programmed remedy; naming pace (unrest speed of the machine and the speed of revolution of the manufactured jug speed) inside coordinating; not send bottles stamped work; stick capacity is not sans scale; bottle marking previously, then after the fact the substitution of the typical sort;
4. The host utilized on home cam configuration to label the container sort basic; nose tight card utilizing pneumatic intends to build the accommodation of the host.
5. The general mobilization and control the utilization of PLC control for whole labeling performance, the servo framework, the inverter framework, and temperature control frameworks and different needs with exhaustive control of the point.
6. Over-burden assurance of labeling system, security, insurance of the outline of finish, multi-point and blame security gadget to guarantee that the alert sound and light man-machine wellbeing.
7. Concentrated grease framework permits the operation of hardware oil parts more basic, more ordinary, more to guarantee that the machine life. The machine is basic and helpful support.
8. An uncommonly outlined envelope structure to guarantee that trademarks will be trademarks of trademarks has dependably been adaptable in compacting the organizer piece.
9. Servo engine driven footing trademark organizations, photoelectric shading code identification and pay structure of a trademark can be sliced off to guarantee that trademarks are opportune, precise, and flawlessly cut.
10. Biaxial screw propeller organizations bottle into the container so that a more steady, fast into the jug a great deal more easily.
11. Inflatable jug of the nearby capacity is the nature of the holder (grams) low, permitting clients to lessen working expenses.
12. Twofold plate structure to guarantee that the client nourish minimal time to supplant the layer, so that the viable creation of longer, more gainful machines.
13. Particularly the consistent strain of the layer material recognition and input control framework guarantees that the general film materials to accomplish fantastic labeling process.