Exclusive report! Reporter explores the Jiaduobao factory

Exclusive report! Reporter explores the Jiaduobao factory


Abstract: The factory in Jiaduobao has a 24-hour production, and the goods are rotated.

Commentary: This is the Yuanxiatian Street in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. Although it is just an ordinary dining street, whenever the night falls, the restaurants along the street are already full of people, and the guests are full of money. In a Hunan restaurant called Xixiangji, the reporter saw the same lively scene. Most of the customers came here to taste the restaurant's signature dish, the drunk goose.

Name: Waiter Xixiangji Restaurant

In the same period: Hello, sir, we are working together with Jiaduobao to engage in activities. You just ordered our package, so each person will give you a can of Jiaduobao.

Commentary: The service personnel introduced the offline promotion activities that Jiaduobao is carrying out. In this restaurant, it is a drunk goose set to send Jiaduobao herbal tea. As a food and beverage market in the marketing terminal, Jiaduobao herbal tea not only has sufficient supply, but also started to buy and sell promotional activities. It is not like the rumors on the Internet that the Jiaduobao factory has stopped working and stopped production. To this end, the reporter contacted many parties and, after obtaining the consent of the company, visited three factories of Jiaduobao in Qingyuan, Zhejiang, Hangzhou and Beijing. As the production base of Jiaduobao herbal tea in the core sales areas of South China, East China and North China, the three factories are in front of us with a busy production line, working overtime and busy.

Caption: Cheng Shuyu, Jia Duobao, Hangzhou Factory Manufacturing Department Foreman

Simultaneous sound: 24 hours a day without downtime, two shifts. (A production line) The daily output is about 33,000 boxes of standard boxes, which is about 800,000 cans if it is converted into cans. Now we are opening three production lines. We plan to produce four production lines at our Hangzhou plant on November 8 at full capacity.

Commentary: Cheng Shuyu has been working in the Hangzhou factory for 10 years, and has always adhered to the front line of production. Therefore, he is familiar with the various aspects of the production process, and the daily output of each line is well known. At the full load of all four production lines in the Hangzhou plant, the high-speed production line of the Qingyuan plant in Guangdong is also running fast, and its output can reach 1200 cans per minute. At the same time, the two production lines of the Beijing factory are also sending the golden and red two-packaged Jiaduobao herbal tea to the market.

Caption: Liu Wang Jia Duobao Beijing factory manufacturing department foreman

At the same time: Now we have ample supply of raw materials, we can guarantee production in the first time, and employees are also very energetic, in order to successfully complete the production tasks of the Spring Festival.

Commentary: For the beverage industry, the upcoming New Year and Spring Festival market sales are the top priority of the year. Gadobe called it the "Chinese New Year War." Since it is a battle, it is necessary to move the troops and horses. Therefore, the supply of raw materials, especially the supply of empty cans, is particularly important. Previously, the so-called rumors of insufficient supply on the Internet were also around this point. However, in the Gadopo three-site factory, not only are the empty tanks neatly placed waiting for on-line filling, but the trucks that the suppliers transport empty cans are also unloading the raw materials in the unloading area. The frontline workers in the workshop are also nervous and orderly, each performing their duties. At the Hangzhou factory, a worker's master re-examined a box of packaged products and saw that he was sampling.

Font: Sun Yongxian Jiaduobao Hangzhou Factory Manufacturing Department

Simultaneous sound: The sampling inspection is mainly to check two places, one is whether the appearance of the product is deformed, and whether the production date of the bottom spray is complete, whether it is missing, generally incomplete, or defective. We are not factory-made and are not allowed to leave the factory.

Commentary: Just sampling this process, Master Sun will check hundreds of boxes of products a day, but in order to fight the "Spring Festival", the company is busy at full capacity. Outside the factory gates of the factories in Jiaduobao, a recruitment notice will be posted. We see that all the recruiting positions are from the production line. After visiting the factories in Qingyuan, Hangzhou and Beijing, our most profound impression is that all the production lines are in operation, and the first-line production is full of full capacity. In the terminal supermarket, in addition to the shelves of sufficient products and neatly stacked piles, the most striking and loud is the slogan of Jiaduobao's "red can classic, reloaded". In fact, whether it is a red can or a gold can, the phrase "reloading" has already represented the will and determination of Jiaduobao to win the market.

Exploring Jiaduobao Qingyuan Factory: Producing 60,000 boxes a day, preparing for the Spring Festival sales season

 At 10 o'clock in the morning, in the busy scene of the Jiaduo Qingyuan factory, in the production workshop, the workers were working hard in their respective positions, and they were completely unable to take care of the situation outside the workshop. Packing and sorting, forklift transport, and a truck full of cargo drives out of the factory. The well-organized workshop and the huge recruitment poster at the door show that Jiaduobao is ready for the upcoming Spring Festival war, and the 24-hour non-stop full-line production seems to indicate that Jiaduobao will have production capacity. New action.

The plant is put into production for 4-5 years, and the equipment is advanced and efficient.

It is understood that the Jiaduobao Qingyuan Plant was completed in 2013 and put into production in April 2014. The strategy of expanding the herbal tea in the Guangdong region was implemented. At the beginning of the production, the plant has achieved an annual production capacity of nearly 150,000 tons, causing a sensation in the industry.

Luo Jinrui, general manager of Qingyuan Jiaduobao Beverage Co., Ltd., director of Qingyuan Factory, told reporters that the plant covers an area of ​​380 acres and has a plant area of ​​40,000 square meters. It currently has 150 employees and is currently recruiting.

It is understood that Jiaduobao has a production base in Changan Town, Dongguan, in Guangdong. The base was established in 1998 and is the first production base of Jiaduobao. Later, in order to meet the needs of the expansion of the national and overseas markets, Jiaduobao has successively established new ones in Zhejiang, Fujian, Beijing, Hubei, Zhejiang and Guangdong. Production base. At present, the products of Jiaduobao include canned, bottled and boxed “Jiduobao Herbal Tea” and “Kunlun Mountain High-end Mineral Water”. In 2012, the canned herbal tea produced by Jiaduobao officially launched the “Jiadubao” brand. In 2015, Jiaduobao upgraded its gold cans to open the golden age of herbal tea. In June 2018, the red canister was classic and reloaded.

Domestic advanced production line, output 60,000 TEU a day

Different from other production bases, the biggest highlight of the Jiaduo Qingyuan Plant is the introduction of the Italian CFT high-speed production line, with a canning speed of up to 1200 cans per minute, which is the most efficient production line of the same type in China.

Luo Jinrui said that the current production workshop fills an average of 1200 cans per minute and can operate continuously for 24 hours a day. The packing line can achieve 60 cases per minute, and it can be operated 23 hours a day, 1 hour maintenance and disinfection, and the standard box produces 60,000 per day. box.

The transportation line of Qingyuan Factory is also busy running, and the forklifts are shuttled one by one in the warehouse. Luo Jinrui said that the investment scale, advanced equipment and newly introduced fully automated production lines of Jiaduobao Qingyuan Plant are all at the forefront of the industry, which not only enhances their own strength, but also promotes the development of the Chinese herbal tea industry.

Luo Jinrui also said that the plant is currently recruiting and production is expected to increase further. The reporter learned that at present, Jiaduobao's factories in Beijing, Wuhan, Sichuan, Hangzhou, Qingyuan and other places are producing 24 hours of horsepower. At the door of each factory, large-scale recruitment posters are posted to recruit and ensure the supply of Spring Festival products.

24-hour production on the whole line, preparing for the Spring Festival sales season

When visiting the workshop, a worker told the reporter: "At the end of the year, the demand is large, the delivery task is heavy, and it is still impossible to work 8 hours a day. It is necessary to see the situation to arrange overtime." At lunch time, the reporter told the workers Understand the usual work situation, most of the workers said that they are busy in the near future, everyone has set foot on horsepower to prepare for the sales season.

“There are sufficient raw materials, sufficient production and sales, high employee enthusiasm, overtime work, two shifts. Production of 60,000 TEUs a day, this situation lasted for more than a month.” Luo Jinrui said that after entering October, Jiaduobao has begun. For stocking and delivery during the Spring Festival season, in order to meet the market demand, from October to January next year, the whole line will be born 24 hours a day.

In the face of the Spring Festival sales season, Jiaduobao Qingyuan Factory has a specific work plan: First, ensure the smooth supply of raw materials, grain and grass first. Secondly, the supply of tanks and sufficient funds can guarantee the demand for the Spring Festival; once again, the production line guarantees full-line production throughout the day, the equipment is in good condition, and the shipping efficiency is high, including the high enthusiasm of the workers, working overtime to complete the task, in response to the Spring Festival, plan It will be produced continuously for three months. Luo Jinrui said that the Qingyuan factory mainly supplies the South China region and parts of Hunan. He and his staff will actively respond to the traditional season of the Spring Festival.

It is understood that Jiaduobao, which once created the miracle of sales of tens of billions of single products in the herbal tea market, has proposed a new strategic goal this year: secondary entrepreneurship, open source and expenditure reduction, integration of superior resources, and successful listing of the company within three years! Next, the reporter will continue to explore Jiaduobao and restore a real herbal tea giant.