opp labeling machine,perfect labeling effect with low label cost

opp labeling machine,hot melt labeling machine,hot melt labeler

Automatic hot melt adhesive labeling machine, apply to the labeling of food and beverage category, opp film. Uses: Suitable for round container diameter 30-300mm, tank height of 40-600mm full peripheral labeling or semi-standard labeling is widely used in food and beverage, pesticide chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
System: all the import control system and supply dispensing system.
Work steps: automatic.
Labeling Quality: Labeling accuracy ± 1mm​​; label cutting the entire pattern is not deformed; always end compared to the mesh on the plastic, all sprayed with foreign dispensing equipment, save the hot sol 50%;
It’s applicable for cylinders labeling, such as mineral water bottle, beverage bottle
and other round containers. And It’s for OPP label labeling with hot melt glue.

1.The label cutting blade can be precisely and easily adjusted through manual operation wheel.
2.The vacuum label suction roller is made of high hardness material. And the additional fold treating device could reduce the label friction to avoid static electricity.
3.The lower part of vacuum label suction roller and label cutting blade use special wear resistance and heat prevent material.
4.Replacement of compatible parts can be finished in 10 minutes, fast and efficient5.When label length changing, the automatic adjusting button could adjust the I-MARK position automatically.
6.This machine is equipped with overload protection device, star wheel abnormal stop device and no bottle detection device.

Machine description
3.1) roll-fed type
3.2) label in-fed from label station is conveyed to label in-feed roll-er through label guide roller
3.3) sensors will check I-MARK of label automatically when label reaches label in-feed Roller
3.4) as soon as the position of I-MARK is confirmed, Encoder will adjust the operation speed of
label in-feed roller and then appoint the label cutting position
3.5) label which has been cut is conveyed to vacuum drum
3.6) after checking label attached on vacuum drum by sensor, label is conveyed to glue roller and
then inject hot melt on label
3.7) to adjust containers by in-feed star wheel and do labeling in roller zone for the first time and
then labeling operation will be done perfectly by side belt.
4. Safety
4.1) control: PMC, inverter
4.2) safety attachments
① Overload running safety equipment attached on driving zone
② Stopper for abnormity operation of in-feed star wheel
③ No bottle fed (sensor check)
④overload for bottle fed (sensor check)
⑤no bottle no labeling
5. Main construct