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Tetra Pak end-to-end solution

Our processing, packaging and service solutions are of the highest standards in terms of food safety, handling and sustainability.

Tetra Pak understands the full picture of your production
You may have an understanding of our packaging or processing equipment. But our most unique place is that we have the ability to provide a total solution for your entire production process. Our end-to-end solutions seamlessly integrate processing, packaging, automation and technical services. Not only will it add convenience, but it will also help you improve efficiency, quality and reliability. When we integrate and manage the entire value chain, we can help you maximize your operations.

Better results, less trouble
We are more than just a trusted partner in a single category, we can also meet all your food processing and packaging needs in one stop. With fewer suppliers and contacts, business is easier.

As your partner, Tetra Pak can help you improve your performance. You can save a lot of time with more streamlined touch points and smoother management coordination. If there is only one supplier, the responsibility will be clearer and the solution will be simpler and clearer.

Service engineer using VR glasses
Service throughout the entire production process
Tetra Pak is designed to optimize your entire production process – whether it's equipment maintenance or business insight and plant-wide improvement analysis. The more responsibilities we take, the better we can help you improve performance, optimize costs and ensure food safety throughout the operational lifecycle.

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Tetra Pak Master, Automation and Control
Innovation is integrated into every step
Digitization is changing the manufacturing industry, and our digital solutions can put your factory at the forefront of the industry. We are improving all aspects of production through digitalization, such as sending device data to analysts for evaluation and applying QR code technology to packaging. The rich data from thousands of connected production lines helps us make predictions before equipment performance problems occur. With the Tetra Pak® Factory Master Automation solution, you can trace the entire range from raw milk to packaged products.

For more information please read our Automation Solutions and Tetra Pak® Factory Masters
China's Bright Dairy Factory
Bright Dairy produces normal temperature yogurt in the world's most digital dairy factory
Bright Dairy is China's third largest dairy producer and a leading high-end dairy producer. In order to meet the rapidly growing market demand for yogurt at room temperature, Bright Dairy decided to invest in a new production base in Tianjin, specializing in the production of large-capacity room temperature yogurt. In order to remain competitive, to produce room temperature yogurt as quickly and efficiently as possible – and to meet the growing demand for food safety, quality and traceability – Bright Dairy hopes to equip its entire plant with a Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

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Food processing expert
We help brands that develop cheese, dairy, pre-cooked food, ice cream and beverage businesses explore ways to move forward. We are highly focused on the processing solutions in the food industry, which allows us to get the most out of your business and provide the products and services you need.
Tetra Pak's new generation of blending solutions
Our new range of high shear mixers can greatly increase the efficiency of cold emulsion production – saving time and energy and ensuring that expensive ingredients are fully utilized. Perfect for all kinds of mayonnaise, cold milk sauce, dips and seasonings.

Tetra Pak Food and Beverage Processing Solutions
Flying fruit
Processing application
Our range of best practice production lines is constantly expanding, allowing you to choose and experience the industry-proven Tetra Pak technology. Want large fruit, high consistency, or the ultimate smooth taste? Mass production or continuous production? In either case, you can be assured of food safety, efficiency, product quality and environmental performance. Our employees have accumulated years of industry application expertise and experience and are trustworthy.

Tetra Pak Sterile Frontier
Processing Equipment
We offer complete solutions and processing equipment for dairy, cheese, ice cream, beverages and pre-cooked foods. You offer original best-selling recipes or new recipes with exclusive brand enthusiasm and character. This is a great way to create a win-win situation.

Magical internal structure
In conventional heat exchangers, the parts are welded together and are susceptible to thermal stress. By allowing the components in the tube heat exchanger to expand and contract naturally, we can completely eliminate thermal stresses, as well as associated cracks and corrosion. The design also makes maintenance and inspection easier, ensuring the safety of your food products. Clever food contamination solutions!

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Pursuit of simplicity
Some of our latest environmentally friendly and innovative products can now improve the visibility and appeal of our products on the shelves through the effects of Tetra Pak®, such as wood packaging.

Every day, billions of liters of water, milk, juice and other liquid foods are consumed globally. At Tetra Pak, we have developed a range of packaging that protects the nutritional value and taste of the content. Thanks to Tetra Pak's technology, liquid food packaging and distribution is more convenient.

Tetra Pak offers a total solution for liquid food processing, packaging and distribution. We can provide different packaging formats and corresponding filling equipment. Through our network of plants, we can supply more than 8,800 filling equipment around the world.

Tetra Pak Aseptic Paper Packaging with Straw Holes
Push the straw back into the package
An easy way to reduce waste is to make sure everything is in the proper bin, not on our roads, in the scenic area, and in the river. For packages with a straw or screw cap, push the straw into the empty package or retighten the lid before you finish it.


Three characteristics make Tetra Pak® stand out from the wood
Simple appearance, eye-catching
Every brand is looking for something that sets it apart. Tetra Pak® wood packaging material enhances your brand's expressiveness and environmental credibility of beverage paper packaging.

Learn how Tetra Pak® can make your brand unique.

Stand out from the package
Make your product unique with a wide range of sizes, shapes, features and designs
Reduce or increase the size of your packaging to meet consumer needs, maximize shelf impact and optimize distribution. Choose from a variety of shapes and openings to suit different consumer situations and achieve functional freedom. Express your unique brand personality with our portfolio of packaging effects. Why not stand out and hold the eye of the consumer?

To attract Millennials, Al Rabie launched a new sports drink, Vitality C, in Lexmark® aseptic packaging, using our innovative holographic packaging material, Tetra Pak.
By studying the specific needs of millennials, we can demonstrate how brands can optimize their products and packaging to meet these needs.
Kaslink cooperates with Tetra Pak and always leads the competition
Kaslink is a young and bold Finnish company that is constantly introducing new and innovative products. One of the trends is that oat-based non-dairy products are becoming more popular
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Packaging product portfolio
Tetra Pak's packaging portfolio
Aseptic packaging
Tetra Pak's aseptic process allows liquid foods to retain color, texture, natural taste and nutritional value for up to 12 months without preservatives or refrigeration. The combination of aseptic processing and aseptic packaging not only reduces waste, makes distribution extremely cost-effective, but also transforms your product into a form that consumers can enjoy anywhere, anytime, and can cover remote areas.

Aseptic packaging and room temperature transport enable you to reach out to business opportunities around the world in a timely manner.

Tetra Pak has seven aseptic packaging systems: Tetra Pak® Aseptic Packaging, Tetra Pak Traditional® Aseptic Packaging, Tetra Pak® Aseptic Packaging, Tetra Pak® Aseptic Packaging, Tetra Pak® Aseptic Packaging , Tetra Pak® aseptic packaging and R&D® aseptic packaging.

All of Tetra Pak's aseptic paper packagings are made from renewable materials and are recyclable, eliminating the need for refrigeration during distribution and storage.

 Tetra Pak Refrigerated Packaging
For products requiring refrigeration distribution and storage, Tetra Pak has three packaging systems and offers a wide range of options. If you are looking for a packaging solution for your refrigerated products, please read more about Tetra Pak® Packaging, Tetra Pak® Packaging or Tetra Pak® Packaging for all opportunities.

Keep fresh
Refrigerated packaging is designed to protect fresh produce. Our refrigerated packaging includes smart and efficient beverage packaging. Tetra Pak packaging, the popular roof-type Tetra Pak packaging, and the versatile, eye-catching Tetra Crown packaging. Tetra Pak Packaging and Tetra Pak Packaging also have special packaging for high acid ambient temperature distribution (HAAD).

 Food packaging
Food packaging
Today, the food industry is growing rapidly. Consumers, retailers and food producers are looking for food packaging solutions that are fresher, more convenient, and have minimal environmental impact. At the same time, consumers prefer foods that are easy to cook.

Leroy® packaging is an open-minded package that is an excellent alternative to canning, bottling and bagging. It is the first paper package on the market that directly sterilizes granular foods in packaging. It can be packaged including vegetables, tomatoes, ready meals, soups, pet foods, etc.

Today, Tetra Pak packaging is used in hundreds of products in more than 50 countries and regions as a packaging solution to meet today's and tomorrow's needs. Its ability to help meet your market needs has been proven.