How labeling your bottles with most economical way, OPP labeling machine your ideal choice

OPP Labeling Machine is a useful packaging machine, suitable for packaging industry use.

Linear Hot Melt Labeling Machine

Rotary labeler for the utilization of paper or plastic wraparound pre-cut marks connected with thermo meld stick (Hot Melt framework).
The marking bunch, utilizing a mechanical Hot Melt labeling system, permits an incredible cement economy contrasted and the customary strategies.
The change over operations are simple and speedy.
Machine planned by straight sort, including the Hot dissolve stick, Roll-bolstered mark, and Servo engine control.
The presence of the OPP Labeling Machine is built by stainless steel. Solid base edge structure to counteract vibration and commotion retaining. Simplex machine structure guarantees helpful establishment.
Unified oil framework for simple support.
Secluded outline for brisk and advantageous changeover.
Beautiful interface touch board for easy to use operation.
Three-stage PLC and AC variable control with a synchronized following and control framework to keep up name cutting precision in various running pace.
Machine Dimension 2700mm x 1300mm x 1650mm
Engine control : 5.6 KW
Flexible table tallness +/ - 100mm
Mark Size (max/min): 280/180
Working Pressure: 4Bar
Holder dia scope: 90mm(Product Diameter : 50~90)
Control Supply: 24 KVA
Control Voltage: 24 VDC
Principle Voltage: According to Customer's
Air Consumption: 9.5m2/H