Automatic BOPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine suits for different industries - 2019

OPP hot melt adhesive high-speed labeling machine is suitable for labeling of various OPP, pearl film, composite paper and other packaging materials such as washing, beverage, mineral water and food.

Main performance characteristics
1. It is suitable for labeling of various OPP, pearl film, composite paper and other packaging materials such as washing, beverage, mineral water and food.
2. Suitable for labeling of plastic, glass bottles and tin cans of different shapes such as round, oval and square.
3. The automatic high-speed labeling production process replaces the low-efficiency manual labeling method to improve production efficiency, thereby improving the market competitiveness of the product. It adopts new environmental protection materials such as OPP film to minimize production cost and save More than 30%; at the same time, the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials is a trend in the development of the packaging industry.
4. Adopt advanced sizing technology and combine the characteristics of environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive to achieve perfect sizing labeling effect; only apply glue on both ends of the label to minimize the amount of glue used and save costs.
5. Due to the non-shrinkable label material, the printed pattern on the label will not be deformed after labeling; the aesthetic appearance of the product packaging is guaranteed.
6. The equipment eliminates the high energy consumption process such as heat shrinking furnace, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving.
How labeling works
The hot melt adhesive OPP labeling machine is a new type of labeling machine for rotary and continuous operation labeling; the device can automatically adjust the inlet and outlet transmission of the container; the container conveyed by the conveyor belt is separated by the split screw according to the spacing of the star wheel a certain distance, then, the imported star wheel transfers the container to the container turntable, and after the container is fixed by the pressure bottle mechanism and the mold base of the container, the container starts to rotate at a certain speed; the product is pre-positioned during the rotation of the product; According to the trajectory of the mechanism, the positioning label is applied. When the container reaches the electric eye detection position, the computer host controls the label delivery system to perform the labeling. When a labeling operation is completed, the high speed cutter cuts a label; because Sanyo small inertia high speed servo is used. The motor guarantees the accuracy and stability of the high-speed labeling and cutting. The cut label is fed into the gluing system; in this part, the system applies the glue to the two parts of the end and the end of the label, which makes the consumption of the hot melt adhesive. When the lowest-sized glued label is transferred to the labeling position, the label can be accurately and effectively adhered to the container. Since the container is in a rotating state during the conveyance of the label, the label can be smoothly and tightly attached to the container. The strip at the end of the sizing can form a good label lap seal and complete a labeling process.
The whole process is: bottle entry pre-positioning, marking, gluing, labeling, support, pressing, completion
Main performance characteristics

1, user-friendly touch screen, simple and intuitive operation, full-featured, rich online help function
2, the delivery system adopts German high-speed servo motor and controller to ensure the accuracy and stability of high-speed feeding and cutting.
3, the main motor uses a super-power imported motor to ensure the stability and controllability of the whole machine operation
4, German label color standard detection of electric eyes, improve the accuracy of the standard

5, perfect operation protection system, can achieve shutdown alarms such as lack of standard, missing stickers, bottle shortage, card bottle, temperature detection, insufficient air pressure, etc.
6, due to the use of rotary mold positioning labeling method, to ensure the sealing accuracy and stability of labeling
7, using Siemens and other world-renowned brands to import electrical components to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine
8, the device reserves the online interface function, convenient to connect with other equipment production