Have you seen NFC plastic caps?

Have you seen NFC plastic caps?
According to foreign media reports, a company called Bericap has partnered with ThinFilm Electronics to install its Near Field Communication (NFC) technology on all of its plastic bottle caps.

This technology will provide Bericap and its customers with a “new dimension of brand protection” that will add value to their extensive cap portfolio.

Embedded advanced chip

The two companies will work together to help customers stay ahead of the hypocrisy and increase connectivity for a variety of customer needs.

Bericap CEO Jorg Thiels said the collaboration will embed advanced chips into the cap's chips to create reliable, cost-effective technologies for brand protection and certification purposes.

“The partnership with Thinfilm allows us to offer our customers another important security and marketing tool in multiple markets,” he said.

“Intelligent and anti-counterfeiting packaging technology is a fast-growing requirement, and Thinfilm's technology and software platform is the perfect choice to further expand Bericap's extensive bottle cap classification.”

Headquartered in Budenheim, Germany, Bericap produces more than 84 billion plastic caps and dispensers annually.

Consumer participation

The company has begun integrating NFC into injection molded plastic caps with an easy-to-implement integrated cap that supports brand protection, supply chain visibility and consumer engagement.

Thinfilm's NFC OpenSense and SpeedTap products communicate wirelessly with NFC-enabled smartphones and can be applied to everyday items via the CNECT-based cloud platform.

Kevin Barber, CEO of Thinfilm, Calif., said: "Bericap is our key strategic partner. Counterfeit products are not only a threat but also a security risk that threatens a brand's reputation and its consumer relationships. We look forward to working together to develop products that will stop global fraud, fraud, tampering and distraction."