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cap feeder

Steplead Cap feeding machine are available in a variety of hopper sizes, belt styles, and elevator heights to meet a variety of capping requirements.
The Steplead Cap feeding machine is flexible for feeding any kind of raw materials in plastics, food, chemical and Medicine industries; Convenient and high efficient.
Cap feeding machine is designed to increase the efficiency of both automatic capping performance and container unscrambling operation. When working with automatic capping system, the user load caps into the feeding machine’s hopper. The feeding machine is automatically activated when the supply of caps or containers need to be stopped. Designed to feed all kinds of caps from 10mm to 110mm, it can working quietly and high efficient operating to increase the product rate of the packaging line and helps cut labor costs.

Item Specification
Belt width 400mm
Belt material PVC
Belt thickness 4mm
Machine body Stainless Steel 304
Rated power 0.75KW
linear speed of convey belt 0.42m/s
Vertical height of feeding 3 meters
Feeding capacity 1,000-20,000 Caps/Hour
Hopper size 1000mm (length) x 1000mm (width) x 700mm (height)