Positioning young Chinese consumers Nestle cross-border fruit coffee

Positioning young Chinese consumers Nestle cross-border fruit coffee
On May 23, Nestlé officially launched the “fruit + coffee” cross-border product – Fruit Extract Coffee, which is the first fruit innovative coffee product launched by Nestle Coffee.

According to reports, Nestlé fruit extraction coffee development takes half a year, combined with the big data of Tmall platform, invites online consumers to participate in the selection from the new product concept stage, which is closer to the real needs of young consumers. In the end, combined with feedback from all parties, the Nestlé Fruit Extract Coffee Series has launched three innovative flavors: Hurricane Peach Peach, Coconut Pear Pear Flavor and Iced Sweet Apple Flavor.

Different from the traditional instant coffee products, this launch of the fruit extract coffee breaks the original deep packaging style of Nestle instant coffee, replaced by fresh and bright fashion outer packaging. Each box contains a total of 120 grams and contains 8 small packages. At present, 2 boxes of ice sweet green apple flavor +1 box hurricane peach peach flavor +1 box coconut pineapple flavor combination products, the price of Nestle Tmall flagship store is only 60 yuan, each small package price is less than 2 yuan.

Not only that, in terms of drinking methods, fruit extract coffee also broke the recognition of traditional coffee hot water brewing. Among them, Hurricane peach peach flavor and coconut pineapple flavor coffee can be added with hot water and ice, while ice sweet green apple flavor coffee can be directly adjusted with ice water or bubble water.

Ge Wen, senior vice president of coffee business at Nestlé Greater China, said: “Cuicui Coffee is an innovative coffee product independently researched and developed by Nestlé China, targeting young consumers.” According to e-commerce data, young Chinese consumers are most eager to try fresh and unique flavors. In 2018, the annual sales of multi-flavored coffee products grew rapidly, with an increase of nearly 70%.

In the case of Nestlé, Nestlé Global Financial Reports in 2018 showed growth mainly from the innovation of infant nutrition, coffee business and culinary business and e-commerce. At present, Nestlé China's coffee business is developing very fast. In 2018, the overall double-digit growth has been maintained, and some categories have maintained high double-digit growth. According to the plan, in the winter of 2019, Nestle Coffee will also introduce other mysterious flavor products that combine Chinese characteristics.