Satine released the British Museum Jersey pure milk collection, becoming the world's first dairy brand!

Satine released the British Museum Jersey pure milk collection, becoming the world's first dairy brand!


Since the high-profile listing at the end of last year, Satine Jersey's every move of pure milk has always touched the dairy market, especially the high-end milk category. On June 8th, Satine Jersey × the British Museum's “Collector's Edition” new product officially debuted at the British Museum, once again caused widespread concern and heated discussion in the industry.


As a global in-depth partner of the British Museum, the appearance of Satine Jersey's "Collector's Edition" has also been given more meaning. Careful people can easily find that with the speed of consumption upgrade, Satine Jersey pure milk is using his own efforts to redefine high-end milk.


Quality consumption, promote the "high-end" upgrade of dairy products


After ten years of leaping growth, the domestic dairy industry has come to a critical stage in the upgrading of product structure, and the proportion of high-end products continues to increase. At the same time, the new middle class has risen strongly, and “quality consumption” has become the mainstream, and it has also placed higher demands on dairy products. In the context of such an industry, the positioning of "super high-end" Satine Jersey pure milk came into being.



From the limited import of purebred yak yak to the exclusive pasture of Xilin Gol National Nature Reserve, from every 100mL of milk containing 3.8g of high-quality milk protein, 120mg of high-quality calcium, and then to the "dream cover" packaging experience, Golden Code Juanqi Pure Milk has made its products to the extreme in different dimensions, and promoted the “high-end” of domestic dairy products into a new historical stage.



It is worth noting that in addition to the upgrade of the product itself, the high-end of Satine Jersey's pure milk is also reflected in the disruptive breakthrough of the consumer experience, by injecting a deeper cultural connotation into the brand, bringing unprecedented upgrades to consumers. Experience. The joint launch of the British Museum with Satine Jersey's "Collector's Edition" is a good attempt.



IP empowerment, creating a classic case of international cross-border cooperation


It is reported that the "Collector's Edition" product packaging authorization uses the museum's collection of art, the original flavor of Juan Yu milk, the British art, so that the return of the source of Satine Jersey pure milk to show the British style.


Juan Yak is native to Juan Island in the south of the United Kingdom. Because of its rareness and rareness, since 1763, the United Kingdom issued a decree to protect the juvenile cattle. In 1847, the Victorian couple rebuilt the Windsor Dairy in order to welcome the arrival of the Juan Yak. Factory, in the past two hundred years, Juan Yu milk has always been the royal family for dairy products. In the minds of consumers, the British Museum is a symbol of Britain's long history of culture. The Satine Jersey pure milk strategy hand in hand with the British Museum, not only launched the world's first high-end milk authorized by the British Museum to engage in substantive cooperation at the cultural and artistic level, but also created three first: the first British Museum global formal cooperation Partner, the first dairy company to enter the British Museum, the first dairy brand to meet the public in the form of a special exhibition, further highlights its core advantages of “English IP”.


Godsend Juan, the British collection. According to the food board, Satine Jersey’s “Collector's Edition” is a design element of the British Museum's collection of works “The Royal Family in the Nursery” (created in 1846-1847), which shows the Queen Victoria couple and their children. The scene, through the form of "packaging on famous paintings", highlights the British blood and royal qualities of Satine Jersey's milk. At the same time, the "Collector's Edition" new product launch also specially invited Kitty Spencer, the niece of Princess Diana, who has the background of the British royal family, as a guest, and also became a highlight of the scene.


The arrival of Satine Jersey's pure milk not only broke the tranquility of the British Museum, but also interpreted the extraordinary charm through time and space. The creative collision between the two also added a strong color to the cross-border cooperation of dairy internationalization. Marketing case.


Subvert the tradition and create a new knowledge consumption experience model


Of course, from the perspective of the product itself, Satine Jersey's “Collector's Edition” not only fully releases the artistic value of the museum's collections, but also creates a new model of knowledge consumption experience.


In fact, at the beginning of Satine Jersey's pure milk, Luo Zhenyu's "Friends of Time" speech as the chief partner of the New Year's Eve, let people appreciate their efforts to explore the product culture experience, and value the opinion leaders in the new middle class. The “knowledge route” of the appeal of the crowd. The launch of the "Collector's Edition" of Satine Jersey is undoubtedly another upgrade of its "knowledge marketing".


As the high-ranking Yili Group said at the press conference, Satine not only wants to make the best milk, but also creates a better consumer experience for consumers. The introduction of Satine Jersey's “Collector's Edition” allows consumers to taste more of the milk while generating more knowledge about the history, culture and art of the product association, and achieving both the body and the soul. Such a cultural and connotative marketing approach will inevitably have a positive and far-reaching impact on the entire dairy industry, helping to upgrade the high-end milk category.




If the emergence of Satinejuan pure milk last year redefined the "high-end standard" of domestic dairy products, then the appearance of this "collector's edition" is more reflected in a "subversion innovation." The true high-end is due to the fact that the product is higher than the product, and the quality is more important to the feeling of the soul. There is no doubt that the Golden Code, which has always been committed to “building the best milk in China”, has come to the forefront.



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