Yogurt & Tmall is coming, creating a new wave of domestic products!

Yogurt & Tmall is coming, creating a new wave of domestic products!
In recent years, with the rapid development of the digital economy, China under the Internet empowerment has undergone tremendous changes, some traditional boundaries have been re-divided, and brand cross-border co-creation effects have continued to accelerate. As one of the carriers of culture, the rise of Guochao brand provides people with emotional support and ignited the pride of the younger generation of consumers. On the other hand, in the face of the open attitude of the world, the output of high-quality domestic brands has become the most important output of Chinese modern culture. The “China National Tide” has not only assisted Chinese brands in achieving dual upgrades of goods and brands, but also exported to the world. Chinese young people's emotions and new lifestyles at high speed.


In this context, the yoghurt, which has always been branded with a young trend, will obviously not miss this opportunity. As a continuous innovator in China's milk beverage industry, Yogurt is the fashion project “East Shoes Xidu” co-sponsored by Bonjour Brand with the “Tmall National Tide” and “Flying Leap” and the famous French designer. Start cross-border cooperation. On October 1st, at the Bonjour Tmall Event, a fashion event officially supported by Paris Fashion Week, Yogurt took advantage of the resources of the Tmall National Tide “East Shoes Xidu” and exhibited for the first time at the Centre Pompidou in France. The yoghurt x leap-joined shoes have created a cross-border event for the National Tide Drinks to enter the Pompidou Center of the Global Modern Art Hall, further enhancing the international status of the National Tide Drink.



Join hands with top design masters to present a new world to the world


Yogurt has been striving to lead the development of China's milk beverage industry with innovative products and novel marketing methods. This cross-border marketing is also extraordinary. It not only enters the fashion world, but also plays abroad, and famous luxury designers. China and France have a total of innovative products.


The co-branded shoes and modern retro gift boxes that compete with Feiyue are designed for the international luxury brand. Eric Bongiovani, the current design director of Tieshi Tony, the top luxury footwear brand of “Italian Shoes”. Eric has worked with luxury brands such as Bally, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, TOD's, and is the master of the French footwear industry who is best at using trend art. This joint leap is designed to create a unique cross-border joint leap for a number of Chinese industry representative brands. The shoes will continue the modern and contemporary art culture of the Centre Pompidou to its cross-border works.



Combining the sweet and sour fruit with sweet and sour milk and good nutrition, I always hope to use a sweet and sour drink to make each young person's life more exciting and more love, so Eric Bongiovanni is designing a good acid. At the beginning of the limited edition gift box, the brand was very active and young social media image, parallel to the graffiti's free and unrestrained and skateboarding tones - graffiti is a city's young and passionate sign, this is with the acid The brand culture of milk coincides.


Inspired by his passion for urban culture and his passion for graffiti art and street art, the designer imagined a picture of graffiti that was seen around the Pompidou Centre, where young skaters brought their craftsmanship Shocking and beautiful, accompanied by the music of the radio, the hip-hop dancers on the street move with the heart.

The blessing of top designers has made this retro-themed retro-themed street gift box with the beat of the music. The gift box contains the famous shoes, the classic yoghurt flavor, and the popular yellow peach-flavored yogurt fruit yoghurt. , Chao cool yoghurt fruit yoghurt and retro tide socks.

This cross-border design combines the young people's lifestyle, and the classic Monogram design style, which is the most respected by the international luxury brands, collides with the most fashionable fashion language in Paris. It truly realizes the cross-border integration of Eastern and Western cultures and trends. National tide.


Many star support, grab the national tide to the sea C


On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, the “Tmall National Trends Come” led the “French Creative + China Creation” to create and develop fashionable new products, and made a stunning appearance in Paris, the world capital of culture, art and fashion.


On October 1st, the yoghurt x leap joint new product was launched at the Bonjour Tmall Event in the Centre Pompidou in France. This fashion event was supported by the Paris City Government and official support from the Paris Fashion Week. It was the last big hit at the Paris Fashion Week. Yogurt has taken advantage of the resources of the Tmall National Tide "East Shoes Xidu" to create a cross-border event for the National Chaoyue to enter the world's modern art palace, the Pompidou Cultural and Art Center, and to make the Chaoyue brand into the international fashion society. Groups, a large wave of fashion street filming at home and abroad, not only show the national pride and cultural self-confidence behind the country's prosperity, but also reflect the international charm of China's national tide.

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Yogurt x leap leaps new products, has received a lot of top star support, and published a video to support, instantly bursting the fashion cross-border national tide. The successful effect of video fermentation makes the yoghurt stand out in the marketing C position among many brands.


At the same time, on October 1st, the yoghurt launched the world's limited edition yoghurt x leaping "modern taste gift box" on the Tmall platform, and took advantage of the "national goods to go out to sea" hotspots to bring a wave of national tide street beats, On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, it conveyed a national pride of “excelling the country and the people” and detonated the national tide, demonstrating its brand image of “new style of domestic products”.



New breakthrough in marketing, consolidating the status of “national tide drink” brand


Since its inception, Yogurt has always been loved by young people. In addition to its delicious nutrition, it is inseparable from its consistent marketing innovation. Over the past two decades, Yogurt has been at the forefront of the industry, whether it is with the spokesperson Jay Chou's deep cooperation in music to increase brand music assets, or the industry's innovative binding hot drama IP "Spring Breeze is not as good as you" to carry out content marketing Online and offline linkages are successful cases in the marketing industry.


This e-commerce platform opened the first stage of young fashion marketing. Yogurt chose to break through the traditional e-commerce operation thinking and move to the content position – the first attempt to create a cross-border gift box and cross-border shoes. The model street shooting, the national tide series posters, from the e-commerce station to the Tmall end, from the visual effect of the "national tide drink" and "national goods new fashion" brand image, so that the overall footwear cross-border The brand stands out.

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The yoghurt's national tide action has also been enthusiastically sought after by consumers. Its global limited edition of 300 joint cross-border gift boxes has been exclusively launched on the Tmall platform since October 1 and is being sold through Tmall Guochao Station. Received a positive response from the user. In this sought-after process, Yogurt further consolidates its brand status as a “national tide drink”.


Integrate and create a new wave of domestic products


 When culture became a flow, the country’s tide has risen. “Tmall national tide has come” has become a powerful driving force for the development of domestic brands, and has a rich cultural value, and Tmall has become an e-commerce platform. The first launch platform for the country's good goods.


This yoghurt chose Tmall as a platform for sea-going, teamed up with top international designers to create products, and continued the French Pompidou culture to the cross-border works of its national tide through content creation. Under the endorsement of Tmall Guochao, the combination of culture and delicious nutrition, online and offline to create a multi-faceted fashion marketing, personally interpret the spirit of relaxed, happy and confident young people, upgraded the "new wave of domestic products" The brand image has also enhanced the international status of the national tide drink.