Analysis on the function and principle of automatic round bottle labeling machine

Analysis on the function and principle of automatic round bottle labeling machine
Automatic round bottle labeling machine is widely used in many industries such as medical, food, daily necessities, and chemical industry. Mainly used for labeling work on round bottles. For example, shampoo, beverages, beer and other round bottles. There are many types of round bottle labeling machines, and different round bottle labeling machines have different labeling methods. The round bottle labeling machine adopts self-adhesive reel labeling paper, and the labeling process adopts rolling method to complete the labeling process. The self-adhesive labeling machine is clean and hygienic, not moldy, and is beautiful, firm and does not fall off after labeling. High productivity and other advantages. The following small series explains the structure principle and characteristics of the round bottle labeling machine.

Round bottle labeling machine structure principle:
 (1) Unwinding wheel. It is a passive wheel for placing the roll label. Friction brakes with adjustable friction are usually installed to control the speed and tension of the reel and maintain a smooth paper feed.
 (2) Buffer wheel. The work is connected to the spring. It can swing back and forth. The purpose is to absorb the tension of the web material when the device is activated, and to keep the material in contact with the rolls to prevent material breakage.
 (3) Guide roller. It consists of two upper and lower parts, which guides and positions the material of the reel.
 (4) Drive roller. It consists of a set of active friction wheels. Usually one is a rubber roller and the other is a metal roller with the bottom paper passing therebetween. The role is to drive the roll material for normal labeling.
 (5) Winding wheel. For the driving wheel with friction transmission, the function is to rewind the labelled bottom paper. The rotation receiving of the delivery roller does not interfere with the processing paper of the driving wheel, and the synchronous transmission is adjusted by the friction device.
 (6) Stripping plate. There is an angle from one end of the plate (generally less than 30°). The purpose is to make the label easy to mark and get out of the bottom paper when the paper is changed in direction.
 (7) Labeling roller. The label that is off the base paper is evenly and evenly applied to the item to be attached.

The functions and features of the automatic labeling machine are as follows:
1. Round bottle labeling machine improves product labeling and film attachment efficiency, accurate attachment position, good quality and high stability; additional production counting function;
2. Avoid manual labeling, low film efficiency, skewing, blistering and wrinkling, irregular positioning and other issues;
3. Round bottle labeling machine effectively reduces product cost, enhances product logo aesthetics and increases product competitiveness.
4. The main material of the equipment is made of all-aluminum alloy material, the overall structure is firm and beautiful;
5. The round bottle labeling machine is controlled by standard micro PLC + standard sensor electronic control system, and the equipment performance is stable;