How to choose the right injection molding machine

How to choose the right injection molding machine

Injection molding machine is a common injection production design. For operators who use injection molding machines, they should first understand the performance of a good injection molding machine, and what aspects need to be evaluated in order to choose a satisfactory injection molding machine. Let ’s take a look at what you should pay attention to when purchasing an injection molding machine.

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Some technical parameters when buying injection molding machines. Users can judge through the comparison of vertical or horizontal direction when purchasing injection molding machine. The so-called "longitudinal" means that the main technical parameters of the injection molding machine should meet industry standards, and be reviewed according to industry standards. The so-called "horizontal" is compared according to the technical parameters of similar injection molding machines at home and abroad.

When choosing a supplier of injection molding machines, it is best to choose a manufacturer with a nearby service office to purchase it, because the structure of the injection molding machine is relatively complicated, and various problems will inevitably occur. Fast after-sales service is critical.

Don't blindly ask for low prices when purchasing. Now the prices of accessories on injection molding machines are very different between domestic and imported, so you have to figure out what brand of accessories the manufacturer uses. Of course, there are some accessories that you can't see, so the visibility and credibility of the manufacturer is very important at this time.

When choosing the model of the injection molding machine, the injection amount and clamping force of the injection molding machine are the most important parameters. In order to ensure the quality of processed products, the weight of the actual mold product should be within 70% of the theoretical injection volume. Then calculate the required clamping force. And pay special attention to whether the distance between the columns of the machine, the mold opening stroke and the minimum mold thickness are suitable for the mold. Prevent the mold from failing to fit or have insufficient mold opening stroke.

We must have the simplest operability when purchasing injection molding machines. The injection molding machine should make its operation and management more humane, the operation should be simple and convenient, and the displayed parameters should be clear and easy to understand at a glance. It has the function of parameter selection, product quality control, mold data storage and display of various parameters, which can quickly diagnose and eliminate faults, reduce material waste in the shortest time, and ensure normal system operation.

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The main points of purchasing an injection molding machine are the stability, reliability, safety and service life of the machine. The stability of the machine is mostly reflected in whether the mold clamping mechanism and the injection system of the injection machine are stable during operation, and works in a silent and non-impact manner, and the noise must not exceed the industry standard. These conditions are related to the mechanical manufacturing and assembly accuracy, as well as the rational design and structure of the elbow connecting rod. Reliability and service life are mainly reflected in the system rigidity of the clamping mechanism, which is related to the structure and size of the template, tie rods, connecting rods and their pins, as well as materials and heat treatment processes;

The injection molding machine system such as the barrel, screw, screw head, check ring, and the structure and manufacturing process of the driving spindle of the screw. These parts are the main force and wear parts of the injection machine, which directly affect the service life.

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The safety of injection molding machines is very important. When the mold clamping mechanism opens and closes the mold, the reliability of the low-voltage protection system involves safety. Modern injection molding machines require the implementation of a combined electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic safety protection system. This protection mainly reflects two aspects: one is the safety protection of the mold, and the other is the personal safety protection. Before the mold is closed, when the safety door is not closed, the mold closing should not be able to move; during the mold closing process, if the safety door is not closed to the correct position, the template action is stopped or the mold is automatically opened. If during the mold closing, foreign objects such as inserts fall into the cavity by reason of vibration or other foreign objects such as hands, etc., the molds should stop the mold closing operation or automatically open the mold and alarm.