150BPH 5 gallon filling machine order by Peru customer

150BPH 5 gallon filling machine order by new Peru customer.

Engineer working on the machine

Storage tanks for recycled water and detergent, booster pump and Food grade PVC-U pipe line

Motor driving system for washing station, instead of cylinder driving system, more stable and reliable for future operation.

Bottle feedin entrance, suit for different bottle sizes, 3 gallon, 5 gallon, 6 gallon. Although some bottle sizes bigger or smaller in diameter, higher or shorter in height.
Steplead gallon bottler still can do the job well!

Before shipping out, every filling machine will be tested strictly as per quality inspection specifications.

Whole filling machine have compact appearance, reasonable inner structure for water recycling system, washing system, bottle moving system, and electricity controlling system.

For bottle washing station, there two storage tanks one for detergent, one for recycled water, both sizes are 39×39×39cm.

Italy technique filling valve for controlling filling level precisely, no water spilled.

Connect filler with cap sorting and feeding system, automatically sort caps and feed caps into filler, which cutting labor cost down, preventing secondly pollution possibilities, and effectively increasing production efficiency.

Exist of filler, bottles output along stainless steel conveyor after filling and capping.

Washing station inner structure, food grade bottle holder to keep bottles stable during moving and flushing.

Japan Mitsubishi PLC ,and other world famous components available for option, like Siemens, FESTO, ABB, Omron, Schneider etc.