Pre-sales consultation

If a problem happened to your liquid packaging production, or you have a special demand for the unique products you have. Simply give us a call or email. Your STEPLEAD veteran team of experts always ready to take your impossible mission! Listen, carefully study, research for each question you want to know.

In your pre-sales consultation, below questions will be mostly asked by a STEPLEAD staff:

  • provide samples of your containers or bottles and
  • dimension drawing or photo of the finished product (prototype if available)

In return, the following will be provided by STEPLEAD

  • Advice and recommendation with the right equipment for your special requirement.
  • Basic knowledge package for regular equipment

To assure our machines preform exactly well as per client’s demands, all filling and packaging lines from STEPLEAD, and even each part of STEPLEAD machinery, all required to have repeat testings with your products. This is the best way to protect customer’s benefit and assure minimum errors happen in your installation, operation, and maintenance, you will enjoy the smooth performance of our machines and equipment. Not any extra would be charged for this unique process by STEPLEAD.


   parcel sample


    Send us your product and will send you a video of it being filled and packaged

    on our equipment.