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Film Stretch Pallet Wrapper

This machine adopts PLC control, choosing world’s famous brand electrical components, like Panasonic of Japan, LG of Korea and etc. With reasonable structure design, the machine works with excellent performance, high reliability and convenient operation, which can greatly improve production efficiency and also prevent goods’ damage during transportation.

Moreover, it can prevent the goods pollution by dusts and dampness.
This machine is widely used in many industries, such as chemical fiber, tobacco, pharmacy, printing, refrigeration, home electronic appliance, pottery and porcelain, hardware, chemistry, and can-making industry etc.

This machine equipped with photoelectric sensor, automatically detecting the goods height and controlling the wrapping limit;
Percentage of pre-stretch can reach 250%.
Rotary turntable can be reset automatically, which ensure a correct working position of the pallet.

Customer made to measure service is available and providing a complete set of packing system with conveyer.

Safe Notice in Operation:

  • Please make sure the power source is correctly connected with the machine; this machine adopts three phase AC380V and the double-color wire is null line. The machine’s case shell is a protector when linking to the ground. While the machine is working, strictly forbid stepping on the surface of machine.
  • Not allowed to set up this machine on soft ground ;
  • Not allowed to put materials that needed to be wrapped near to the edge of turntable plate;
  • Don’t forget to turn off the power at the end of working;
  • While unexpected problems happen, please press the emergency button to cut off motor’s power, stop the machine operation urgently;
  • Make sure clean the machine after working everyday;
  • Do not disconnect electric equipment at random for the consideration of security operation;
  • Only the professional electric technician can check or repair the electric equipment.
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Shrink Wrapping Machine

This SLFW series film shrinking wrapping machine including auto tidy & shrinking system, and the automatic wrapping, cutting system. It is a fully automatically performance, from automatically bottle conveying, bottle feeding, film wrapping, film cutting and bottles shrinking.
Usually PE or PVC plastic film will be used for this packaging machine.
Customer’s requirement is our always priority, Steplead provides linear type or L type machine models flexibly to meet different customer’s requirements.
Only international famous suppliers are choosen for electric parts, including but not limit to SICK, NORGEN, MISUBISHI and so on. 
•Conveyor feeding system: bottles enter into feeding conveyor, with adjustable separated bars bottles are guiding and separated into groups; when bottles arrive right position, conveyor stop running.
•Pushing system: Once the bottles arrive in pushing position, pushing cylinders will synchronously push bottles to the wrapping, cutting position.
•Film cutting and wrapping system: On the wrapping position, bottles are held firmly with pressing device to avoid bottle turnover, after pushing system draws back, film wrapping cylinder and film cutting cylinder start to work synchronously, complete film wrapping and cutting processing.
•Film shrinking system: When bottles are wrapped with film, heating oven starts to shrink film over the bottles.
•Cooling system: After bottles shrinking with film, bottles group will be cooling down by cooling device at the end of the tunnel.
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Code Inkjet Printer

On complete bottle beverage filling line, the code inkjet printer will print production batch, serial number, expiration date and other codes customer want onto each bottle soft drinks. This coder adopts high quality wheel pump system, recycle ink line system, and anti-corrosion membrane pump for perfect and endurable printing quality.
•Automatic self-cleaning ink supply system
•New style wide display screen with ergonomic keyboard control panel.
•Automatic screen protection system
•Quick and easy one button on or off function for immediate operation
•Real time monitoring system & automatic alarming function

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Self-adhesive Labeler

Self adhesive labeling machine adopt mature technical PLC controlling system, whole system runs in a very stable and high speed condition;
Touch screen controlling panel system, convenient to read and use, practical and high efficient;
Technology innovative pneumatic code printing structure, clear printing, high speed and stable;
Flexible to suit all kinds of round, or square bottle sizes.
Input attached type rolling depressing system working on the bottles, to assure label stuck more firmly on the bottle body surface.
Good for connecting with production line, available with bottle turntable for option.
1) Fully automatic PLC control system to realize whole operation automatically
2) Big size touch screen control panel, simple in operation and maintenance.
3) Adopts servo motor, fast labeling performance, with high labeling accuracy
4) Available to store more than 100 groups labeling data in the setting memory, also available for different bottle size shifting quickly
5) Whole unit are made of high quality stainless steel material with aluminum alloy processed with positive electrode, never rusts.
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Sleeve Shrink Labeler

High quality motor synchronous cutting system is equipped with the soft drink bottle sleeve shrink labeling machine, to ensure a endurable service life for the cutting system with high precision labeling accuracy.
This bottle sleeve labeler can well be flexible for round bottle, square bottle, elliptic bottle, also suit for labeling the bottle top and bottle body. The newest dual material feeding system is equipped for the purpose of fast raw material changing.
The sleeving labeling machine can work well with different other machineries for a complete beverage bottle filling and packaging line, also available to just work individually for labeling purpose.
Detecting system of automatic cutting system: sensing and detecting automatically by touching the screen.
This bottle sleeve labeling machine works with steam generating sytem for shrinking label wrapping around the bottles bodys.
• Electronic and optical fiber sensor
• Tail surface and electronic eye are combined to improve the cutting accuracy and efficiency
• Synchronous cutting system
• The cutting head is divided into three sections to perfectly suit the diameter of the bottle:
• Bottle conveying position detecting system
• Fixed conveyor belt is adopted to convey bottles and synchronously activate the high sensitive screen panel with people-machine interaction system
• Thermostatic electro thermal contracting engine
• Microcomputer PLC controlling system is adopted to control the machine at a constant temperature, greatly save working timing, and energy consumption. The stove can be opened and cleaned during the production.
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Bottle dryer


Bottle dryer will help to drying remained water on filled bottle body with air, for better coding, labeling and shrinking in downstream packaging machines.

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Cap Feeder

CF series cap feeding machine is for feeding caps into capping system of monobloc filling machine. Which is ladder type structure, lifting cap step by step and without cause any damage or scratches to caps. It features with advanced technology & working principle, high level of automation, easy for operation and convenient in maintenance.
For a complete production line, the equipment can work with others machines, like the bottle cap heater, bottle de-capping machine, empty bottle leakage checking machine, bottle outside washing machine, bottle inside washing machine, bottle auto loading machine, bottle filler, bottle neck shrinker, lamp inspection panel, bottle lifting machine, bottle rack loading machine, bottle pallet stacking machine, and other additional equipment.
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2000-36000BPH Bottle Water Filler


The bottle water filling machine is a fully automatic monobloc for bottle washing, bottle filling and bottle capping, with wide flexibility for all kinds of non-carbonated soft drinks, such as fruit juice, detergent, oil, vinegar, wine, mineral water and pure water.  It is the most popular filling equipment in soft drink industry.
•Air conveyor, star-wheel work synchronously together for the bottles infeed, compatible bottle volumes ranges from 200ml-2500ml.
•With rotary washing system, new bottles enter into the equipment by star wheels, through grippers and overturning system to turn bottles upside down during flushing, and overturn bottles up automatically and convey to the filling sytem by star steels for filling, the main material and washing clip is stainless steel.
Washing, every bottle rinsing water consumption:
0.5/0.6L volume>90ml; 1.25/1.5L volume>150ml
After washing, non-recyclable water for bottle:
0.5/0.6L <2ml; 1.25/1.5L <4ml
•Electric components
We choose only world famous or trustable suppliers for all electric components, including Japanese Mitsubishi, Omron, German Festo or Taiwan Airtac pneumatic parts, Japanese ABB motors etc.
•Super anti-corrosion stainless steel, and there is bottle blocking protection device for all wheels.
•Japan Mitsubishi PLC controlling system with touch screen control panel.
•For all liquid contact parts, we adopt only food grade raw materials for them, including filling heads, storage tank, rinsing head, capping heads ect.
•Heat-proofing rubber is used for sealing parts, to meeting the high temperature standard for sterilization purpose. With PLC controller to achieve fully automation performance from bottles feeding in and feeding out, speed regulator adopts transducer, then different production speed would be adjusted as per client’s different needs.
•To assure beverage quality stable, equal pressure filling principle and current spring valve are adopted.
•Italy AROL capping technology is adopted for perfect capping quality, with advanced magnetic coupler to regulate cap-screwing torque.
•The gravity liquid level fixed filling technology is adopted.
•Spring grippers are used for bottle washing system. The empty bottles would be turned over 180° along the conveying rail for thoroughly bottle flushing and dripping dry.
•Twice rinsings for bottle internal and bottle external .
•The screw capping system adopts magnetic torque technology.
•The power of screw capping can be controlled steplessly.
•Well protection for capping, the power of the screw capping can be fixed to avoid any damage of caps.
•The amount of the drinks in the storage tank can be controlled with CVT.
•Bottle sensor is adopted, filing and capping will stop automatically when no bottles conveying.
•Caps sensor is adopted, when errors happen, including capping wrongly or short of caps, the capping system can be stopped automatically and immediately.
•The frequency changing technology is used to control the operation speed
•The production capacity can be read on the touch screen panel and can be controlled very easily.
•Automatic photo-electricity detection and automatic break-down when error happens.


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Bottle Unscrambler

Brief Introduction:

ABU series automatic bottle unscrambler adapts world advanced technology, designed and developed basing on international trend of high speed and man free automation operation.

Bottle unscrambling machine is equipped with cylinder with adjustable feet at the bottom for changing machine’s height and level flexibly. In which, there is a rotating cylinder structure; And outside of cylinder, there is a dropping bottle slot, which have the same amount as the outside lifter. Among the machine center, there is a fixed umbrella shape hopper.
When short of bottle, signal will send from lifter, bottle will drop onto hopper from top of the machine. With the action of cam, the lifter pushes bottle into bottle slot. Bottles rotate along with slot to the exit of unscrambler and enter into air conveyer with a star wheel, then enter into filler for filling process.


  • Main motor reducing device adopts torque limit institutions, to prevent any damage to the machine.
  • The bottle unscrambler has no bottle detector, when there short of bottles, detector will send work signal to the elevator, the elevator will supply bottle automatically.  
  • Adopt bottle neck gripping air conveyor, to prevent bottle turnover in conveying.
  • Air conveyor has photoelectric switch, which control the start-stop of bottle unscrambler.
  • The bottle unscrambler has bottles jam detector, if bottle jam, it will give alarm and stop automatically.
  • Equipped with maintenance door and mold changing door.
  • Pneumatic circuit adopt international brand components.
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