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Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine


This aluminum foil sealing machine is popular in production line for pharmacy, food, oil, chemical, fertilizer, cosmetic, detergent and lubricant industries, which adopts electricity-magnetic principle, inducted the high frequency current to the foil of cap, and make it turbulence and hot,  sealing foil on the neck of bottles.

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Bottle unscrambling machine

ABUS series automatic bottle unscrambling system adopts world innovative technique, designed and developed basing on international trend of high speed and man free automation operation.
This bottle unscrambling machine is widely used for bottle unscrambling compatible for round bottle, square bottle shape, or other irregular bottle shapes. This bottle unscrambling machine can complete from bottle feeding in, bottle sorting, bottle reversing, and bottle feeding out. It adopts high quality stainless steel, or free poison, free pollution industrial plastic raw material, with mechanical conveying technique, is flexible to suit different bottle shapes with simply adjustment. Fully automatic operation, save time and save energy. The bottle unscrambling system can work with bottle fillers for a complete bottle filing line.
•Structure compact structure and reasonable mechanical design, neat appearance, easy operation;
•High performance efficiency, continuous running for bottle feed in, bottle reverse and bottle feed out;
•Meet requirement of automatic operation, save labor cost to feeding bottles;
•Through feeding system, reversing system, and bottle sorting system, bottle moves forward to downstream processing standing upward, continuously, and orderly.
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Bottle capping machine

To achieve perfect cap sealing result, this automatic bottle capping sealing machine adopts innovative capping sealing technology, with high cap sealing speed and man free automation operation performance.
The capping machine is with unique design technique, intelligent PLC control with mechanical torque, very convenient in operation, maintenance. Operator only needs to load caps into the cap hopper, the caps will be automatically sorted and loaded up with ladder into the capping machine. Cap dropping on the jar’s neck perfectly, and sealing with 3 sets of sealing systems for perfect cap sealing.
This cap sealing machine can be used in individual capping production, and also cable to connect with complete filling packaging production line. It’s very popular in food, pharmacy, daily chemical, agricultural chemical, and cosmetic industries.
This capping machine includes conveyor, cap hopper, bottle separator, bottle clamper, bottle sealer etc.
1. Conveyor system
The conveyor system adopts steps-less motor driving structure, chain plate structure, endurable for long service life, convenient for cleaning.
2.Cap hopper including cap ladder & sorter, dropping rail, & presser.
•Cap ladder & sorter:
Driving with step-less motor, and equipped with photo-electronic detector on the top of dropping rail, when caps full, ladder will stop automatically; on the bottom of dropping rail, there is also a detector, which will work when there is no caps, the bottle feeding system also will stop feeding bottles automatically. With these two sets of detectors, it will always keep caps and bottles feeding synchronously.
•Dropping rail device: for sleeve caps to the bottles automatically.
•Cap presser: pressing caps while cap sealing to assure the reliability of capping.
3. Cap separator: use to regulate the distance between bottles, which is installed on the entrance of conveyor system.
4. Bottle clamping system: it would require the bottles clamping tight during sealing process. The bottle clamping system equipped with rubber layer, which has good suitability for different bottles diameters. In the whole sealing area, the cap clamper will hold bottles tightly to make sure cap sleeve and sealing smoothly.
5. Cap sealer/cap turner:
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High Viscosity Liquid Filler

Liquid filler is popular for filling chemical, oil or detergent.
As per different inner structures and filling principles, which including a wide range of liquid fillers from flow meter filling machine, gravity filling machine, overflow filling machine, pump filling machine, to piston filler.
The filling content covering various corrosive and flammable solvents, viscous liquid like lubrication oil, edible oil, and all kinds of detergents for dirt cleaning purpose.
It also may suit various containers’ sizes, ranges from 100ml to 5000ml plastic bottles, no matter round bottle, square bottle, or flat bottles and all kinds of irregular bottles.
Raw material of liquid fillers adopts high quality raw materials. According different filling contents and working conditions, different professional material are adopts for the different filling solution.
For example, for regular corrosive solvent, detergent, 316 stainless steel is used for the main machine parts; for super corrosive chemical, like acid, anticorrosion UPVC material will be necessary and important for whole machine, covering whole machine body, gear, conveyor system and all the liquid contacting parts; for flammable liquid, like biofuel for torches or lamps, anti-explosion device will be equipped for protecting operator and machine from any explosion possibilities; for regular oil liquid, 304 stainless steel will be used for production of liquid filling machine;
This liquid filling machine use only world famous brands for all its electrical components, also applied to GMP standard requirement.
Automatic PLC controlling system, and touch screen control panel are equipped for this liquid filling machine.
Totally enclose form, submergence filling, high measurement accuracy.
Compact structure and perfect filling quality, liquid cylinder and conduits is easy dismounted and clean up.
For high working efficiency purpose, this liquid filling machine can be connected with bottle capper, cap dispenser, bottle labeling machine, and bottle turntable table to form a complete liquid filling line from A to Z.
1. Adopts world famous brands frequency converting speed regulator, equipped with imported good quality high accuracy multi-circles regulation resistance, and lockable dial plate, which ensure flow rate adjusting stable and accurate. Filling tolerance rate is controlled to be only 1.0%.
2. Original high quality imported world famous brand magnetism gears with stainless steel 314, and 316 stainless steel pump, assure a endurable service life of filling machine.
3. Stainless steel body frame, refinement and elegant.
4. Small volume design, simply operating, convenient sterilizing and maintenance.
5. Adopts German Festo, Taiwan AirTac pneumatic parts, and Delta electrical controlling parts
6. Adopts Korean optical device, German Siemens PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, and other French electric parts.
7. Filling with 4-10 filling heads, operated with 4-10 air cylinders
8. Convenient adjusting, no bottle no filling, accurate filling with counting function.
9. Adopts leakage protection technology, equipped with filling closure head unit, anti-high foam lifting system, bottle neck positioning system, and filling level control system.
10. Suitable for filling all kinds liquids without containing particles , including all kinds detergent, pharmacy liquid, chemical, oils, cosmetic, and foods liquids etc.
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Rotary Capping Machine

Rotary Capping Machine for small bottles.
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