September China Food and Beverage Company Dynamic Inventory

September China Food and Beverage Company Dynamic Inventory

Budweiser Asia Pacific restarts IPO successfully listed in Hong Kong

After two months of IPO listings, on September 30, 2019, Budweiser Asia Pacific finally succeeded in listing in Hong Kong. Budweiser Asia Pacific, which restarted the IPO, rose 6.9% in the first day of trading in the Hong Kong stock market, ushered in a "open door." Some analysts believe that this is a positive phenomenon for the global bleak IPO (initial public offering) market, and shows that the company's second attempt to go public is also expected.


Budweiser Asia Pacific set the IPO price at the lower limit of the promotion period and raised US$5 billion, making it the second largest IPO transaction in the world after Uber Technologies Inc., the largest online car platform in the US this year. This brings the company's corporate value to $45 billion, which helps its parent company cut huge debts and lay the groundwork for possible future acquisitions.

Yankee Asia Pacific CEO Yang Ke said that coming to Hong Kong for listing is a historic milestone for the company, and will continue to focus on business growth after listing. Asia still has many opportunities as the world's largest beer market. Budweiser Asia Pacific has a good performance in the Asian market and believes that the company will perform well in the future.

Optimistic about the Chinese market Lafite, Meiji in China


Japan Meiji Group North China Dairy Factory settled in Tianjin Development Zone

On September 17, China News Network reporter learned from the Management Committee of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone that the Meiji Group's North China Dairy Factory was settled in Tianjin Development Zone. The plant is the first manufacturing plant in the north of China, with a total investment of about US$300 million. It is mainly used to produce cold milk, yogurt and butter. The factory is scheduled to start construction in March 2020 and officially put into production in 2023.

Since entering the Chinese market in 2012, Meiji Dairy has launched milk, yogurt, ice cream and snack snacks businesses. The establishment of the North China factory shows Meiji’s determination to further expand the northern market.


The first Chinese Lafite winery opened

On September 19th, the opening ceremony of the Lafite Rothschild Group’s first winery in China, “The Winery”, was held in Penglai. The winery also announced that it will be officially opened from today and will be available from December. Official WeChat to make an appointment.


In 2009, Lafite established a factory in China, and Penglai became the first winery of the Lafite Group's third overseas, Asian and Chinese layout after Argentina and Chile. Until July 3 this year, Lafite Group officially announced the name of China's Lafite Winery: 珑岱, “珑” stands for “a very precious jade”, and “岱” stands for “Taishan” and “the first of the Five Sacred Mountains”. It is intended to pay tribute to the glorious history of Qilu.


At the same time, the first 2017 premium vintage wines exclusively distributed by Pernod Ricard in China were officially launched on the opening day. The wine is made from 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Matheran, and 25% Cabernet Franc. It only produces 2,500 cases and is positioned at the high end. After the listing of “珑岱” on September 19, domestic customers will receive the first bottle of Lafite from China at the end of November, while customers in other countries will start in early 2020, after the wine is bottled. It takes some time to get to the best.

The first batch of e-commerce channel service providers in Maotai are Tmall and Suning

 On September 20th, the public service platform for bidding and tendering in Guizhou Province publicized the results of the first batch of comprehensive e-commerce bidding. Tmall and Suning Tesco became the Moutai e-commerce channel service providers. According to the transaction announcement, the total target of the investment target is 400 tons. The specific product is Feitian 53% vol 500ml Guizhou Moutai (with cup). The investment plan is to select 3 service providers. The service provider's supply quantity is in the order of comprehensive ranking. 170 tons, 130 tons, 100 tons.

Yizi-Tmall New Product Innovation Center and C2B Innovation Factory Unveiled in Suzhou

On September 17, the Tmall Innovation Center (TMIC) of Yizi China and Alibaba Group held an unveiling ceremony for the joint C2B innovation factory at the Yizi Global R&D Center in Suzhou. At the same time, the first cooperative development product of the two sides, Oreo Nuts, was on the line at the Tmall Nut Festival. According to the company, the move means that in addition to the market and sales, Yizi and Alibaba will have deeper cooperation, and future diversified product development will provide consumers with more snacks and new products. It is reported that in order to create future snacks, Yizi China has set up an “Agile Innovation Team”. At the same time, Yizi has also adopted the method of certified foundry production to carry out new product incubation.


Mengniu and Zhongding Animal Husbandry established a joint venture company

On September 4, Sun Guoqiang, president of Zhongding Animal Husbandry, attended the Eastern Economic Forum branch and revealed that the company has signed a cooperation agreement with COFCO Mengniu to establish a joint venture to jointly promote the construction of Mudanjiang dairy products processing plant and undertake the return of Zhongding in Russian pasture. Raw milk. Zhao Jiejun, assistant vice president of Mengniu Group, said that the processing capacity of Mudanjiang processing plant should reach 500 tons per day in the first phase, and reach 1200-1500 tons per day in the next three years, that is, close to 500,000 tons per year. At that time, Mengniu will purchase Zhongdingmu 1 million tons of forage material planted in Russia. “All the things planted in Zhongding Animal Husbandry will be sold to me. All the farmed milk will be sold to me whether it is domestic or foreign. The transaction volume will reach about 1 billion US dollars after 3 years: 1 million tons of planting forage Nearly 3 billion yuan, milk is about 500,000 tons, close to 2 billion yuan, we have some other trade." He said that the investment in the Mudanjiang Free Trade Zone joint venture processing plant is about 500 million yuan, and will increase production value with capacity growth in the future. .

Ruixing Coffee officially split the Deer Tea brand

On September 3, Ruixun Coffee held a media communication meeting, announced that its sub-brand “Xiaolu Tea” operated independently, and hired popular star Xiao Zhan as the spokesperson of Xiaolu Tea brand. At the same time, it launched the industry's first new retail operation partner model. National recruitment operations partner. According to reports, in addition to online independent brand LOGO, visual VI system and store SI identification system, Xiaolu Tea will also launch an independent APP and small program ordering system to open the account with Ruixun Coffee. In the future, Xiaolu Tea is expected to have more than 30 products, including milk tea series, milk tea series, Calpis series, fruit tea series, Macchiato series and so on.


The world's first snack museum officially opened

The megatrends of consumption upgrading and the changes in consumer behavior and other factors superimpose each other, pushing the Chinese snack industry into the fast lane of development.

On September 7th, the world's first snack museum, which was built by the Zero Food Brand to Iraq, was officially opened in Shanghai. The museum covers an area of ​​4,200 square meters and includes three themes: historical heritage, innovative development and experience sharing. It is understood that the museum brings together thousands of snacks from many countries, as well as science education, parent-child entertainment, interactive experience and catering services. Visitors can combine the real-life window and interactive equipment to gain an in-depth understanding of the quality control, logistics and warehousing systems of the company.

Antu County Yili Mineral Water Project officially started

On the morning of September 7, the commencement ceremony of the Yili Changbai Mountain Natural Mineral Water Project in Antu County was held in Erdaobaihe Town, Antu County, marking the development of Antu County and Yili Group to carry out pragmatic cooperation and accelerate the development of mineral water industry. It is understood that the project is the first new natural mineral water production base project of Yili Group. The water source is Songhuaquan, equipped with 6 foreign advanced filling production lines, with an annual output of 1 million tons of natural mineral water. The project construction mainly includes water source protection project, water pipeline and water plant. The total area is about 26.20 hectares. It is expected to be completed in December 2020 with a total investment of 740 million yuan.

Antu is known as “the first county of Changbai Mountain” and has abundant resources, especially mineral water resources endowed with outstanding reserves and excellent quality. At present, 106 water sources (groups) have been discovered, with an annual surge of 568,000 tons. It is rich in more than 20 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human health such as silicic acid, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate and free carbon dioxide. The taste is excellent, the pH value is weakly alkaline, and most of them are precious low-temperature cold water. Relying on high-quality mineral water resources, Antu County has planned a 10 square kilometer mineral water industrial park, and strives to build a Hongfeng mineral town, attracting well-known enterprises such as Uni-President, Evergrande, Nongxin, Step, and Yake to enter the park.