Food companies use digital technology to grow!

Food companies use digital technology to grow!

It is understood that some food manufacturers have put forward new proposals to use digital technology to improve the delivery methods of SMEs.

Frozen food manufacturer Westmill Foods' Manchester facility is one of the few companies in the industry to participate in the Made Smarter program, which is designed to support companies in improving digital technology and growth.

Westmill, located in Hertfordshire, is part of United Foods, Inc., including Bell Mount Farm, Blends Holdings, Bells of Lazonby, Lancashire Farm Dairies, Len Wright Salads and The Nursery Kitchen, and other food manufacturing companies. The plan.


Through this program, Made Smarter provides well-funded strategic advice, leadership development opportunities, technical student internships and funding to help food manufacturers and other companies improve their competitive advantage.


The Bell Mount Farm in Penrith, Cumbria produces eggs for the free-range egg brand in the Lake District.


Software solution


Through the Made Smarter project, Bell Mount pioneered the creation of custom hardware and software with matching funds. These hardware and software use sensors and data analysis to try to keep the best for egg production and hen health.


Blend Holdings, a Liverpool-based color and flavoring supplier, is investing in new software to start the next phase of growth.


Michael Rowark, the company's director of operations, said: "The Made Smarter project has helped us fund this new technology, which gives us the confidence to drive the business forward. The first step in digitization will have a major impact on our entire business."


Produce less waste


Len Wright salad (LWS) has also started an IT data and systems integration project that will help its plant processes use less energy and generate less waste. The company produces a wide range of products, including lettuce and tomatoes produced at the huge base in Talton.


 LWS Chief Financial Officer said: “Make Smarter gives us the confidence to advance this transition strategy and the various stages of our future transformation strategy, which will not only help Lanlaite Salad, but also ensure the long-term economy and environment of the West Lancashire salad industry. Sustainability."


“Without the investment from Make Smarter, companies will not be able to take on this and future phases of this transformation strategy.”


Nursery Kitchen recently received additional funding to move the company from a manual paper process to a more automated and integrated resource planning, inventory control and customer ordering system.


Its owner, Katy Elliott, said: “It allows me to make major changes to our systems and processes, which will increase efficiency and allow us to increase our existing capacity.”

Water remodeling, breaking boundaries, embracing innovation – PWIF2019 invites you to start a journey of innovation together!

As bottled water became the world's largest beverage category in 2018, packaged water has become a well-deserved leader in the beverage industry. In the context of consumption upgrading, how the packaging industry should be innovative and upgraded is worthy of deep consideration by all practitioners.


In China, the sales volume of bottled water is close to 200 billion, and it is still one of the fastest growing categories in the beverage category. However, how to maintain high quality and sustainable development of the industry requires innovative technologies and concepts. The application of new technologies, new materials and new packaging will also be the focus of the industry's future attention.


After double-digit high-speed growth in the past few years, the growth rate of bottled water in 2019 slowed down to single digits. Faced with the rise of new generation consumers, the consumption environment has undergone great changes. Brand marketing also needs to keep up with the times and meet the needs of the new generation through innovation.


As the professional innovation forum for China's packaging water industry, PWIF (PACKED WATER INNOVATION FORUM) has been paying attention to industrial innovation, technological innovation and marketing innovation in the field of packaging water since it was first held in Shanghai on September 20, 2017. As a professional forum in the vertical segmentation field, it has received wide attention and support from everyone over the past two years.


After the in-depth exchanges with many industry colleagues in the early stage and the careful preparation of the PWIF2019 preparatory group, the PWIF2019• Packaging Water Industry Innovation Forum will be held in Shanghai from December 19 to December 20, 2019. The theme of this forum is “ Reshaping water, breaking boundaries, embracing innovation."


We sincerely invite all industry colleagues to reserve time in advance to discuss the future innovation of packaging water, think about the boundaries of packaging water, and feel the changes in industry trends.


First, the forum organization


Organizer: Beverage Industry Network

Co-organizer: Food and Beverage Industry Micro-Journal

Organizer: Shanghai Pei Lian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Second, the forum time and place


Forum time: December 19th - December 20th

Forum Location: Shanghai, China


Third, the forum content


Packaging Water Industry Innovation Forum High Level Meeting

Packaging industry innovation

Packaging water technology innovation

Packaging water marketing innovation

2019 Packaging Water Innovator Night