Dongpeng Beverage completed the first phase of listing counseling!

Dongpeng Beverage completed the first phase of listing counseling!
Yesterday, the progress report of the Dongpeng Beverage Listed Counseling announced by the official website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission showed that the company had completed the first listing counseling work.

According to the “Progress Report of Huatai United Securities on the First Public Offering and Listing of the Dongpeng Beverage (Group) Co., Ltd.” issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, during the counseling period, the counseling institutions fully understood the standard operation of Dongpeng Beverage. Independence, production and operation, etc., and proposed rectification opinions on the problems found.

The content of the counseling mainly includes supervising and promoting Dongpeng Beverage to achieve independent operation, achieving independent and complete business, assets, personnel, finance and institutions, and prominent main business, forming core competitiveness; verifying whether Dongpeng Beverage properly disposed of trademarks, patents, and The legal ownership of land, housing, etc.; urged Dongpeng Beverage to further regulate the relationship with the controlling shareholder and other related parties; urge Dongpeng Beverage to establish and improve the standardized internal decision-making and control system, and form effective financial, investment and internal constraints And incentive system; urge Dongpeng beverage to form clear business development goals and future development plans, and formulate feasible fundraising investment and other investment project planning.

On June 10, 2019, Huatai United Securities issued an announcement on the public announcement of Dongpeng Beverage and the publication of information on the listing counseling. The announcement shows that Dongpeng Beverage intends to issue shares for the first time and is listed on the domestic stock exchange. It has been accepted by Huatai United Securities Co., Ltd. and has been counseling for filing at the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau on May 24, 2019.

It is understood that the shareholding structure of Dongpeng Beverage is relatively simple. It is reported that Lin Muqin, the founder of the company, holds 56.85% of the shares of Dongpeng Beverage. Tianjin Junzheng Investment Management Partnership and Shenzhen Kunpeng Investment Development Partnership hold 10% and 7.36% respectively, natural persons Lin Daiqin and Linmugang. Each holds 5.97%.

The data shows that the current sales volume of China's functional beverage market is about 60 billion yuan, which is the fastest growing soft drink sub-category. In the industry ranking, Red Bull has a revenue of over 20 billion yuan, and Dongpeng special drink has 5 billion yuan. Revenue ranks second in the industry.