Is the paper beer bottle coming? Carlsberg unveils the world's first green fiber bottle prototype

Is the paper beer bottle coming? Carlsberg unveils the world's first green fiber bottle prototype
In order to cater to consumers' concerns about sustainable development, in recent years, major beer brands have made environmental decisions to develop more environmentally friendly and sustainable beer packaging.


Recently, at the C40 Global Mayor Summit, Carlsberg unveiled two new research prototypes of “green fiber bottles”. So far, the world’s first “paper bottle” for beer has been made public. According to Carlsberg's statement, the green fiber bottle they developed was the first "paper bottle" for beer.


This beer bottle is made from 100% bio-based, fully recyclable, sustainable source wood fiber. The compartment inside the bottle is designed to meet the requirements of beer loading. It is understood that one of the two prototypes uses a recycled PET polymer film separator and the other uses a 100% bio-based PEF polymer film separator.


These prototypes will be used to test the barrier technology, helping Carlsberg to quickly create a solution that will achieve the ultimate goal of a polymer-free 100% bio-based bottle.


Myriam Shingleton, Vice President of Development, Carlsberg Group, said: “We are constantly innovating in all forms of packaging. We are satisfied with the progress we have made on green fiber bottles. Although we have not fully achieved this goal, these two The prototype bottle is an important step towards achieving the ultimate goal of bringing this breakthrough to market. Innovation takes time and we will continue to work with industry leading experts to overcome the remaining technical challenges."


These latest developments represent Carlsberg's ongoing innovation in sustainable packaging and an important part of its sustainability program, Together Towards ZERO, which promises to achieve zero carbon emissions from wineries by 2030 and will The carbon footprint of the entire value chain is reduced by 30%. Last year, Carlsberg also introduced the Snap Pack, a technology that glues canned beer together to reduce the amount of plastic used in traditional multi-packaged beer by up to 76%.

In addition, Carlsberg has announced that it will work closely with other global leaders to advance sustainable packaging with the advancement of paper bottle technology.


In fact, as early as 2015, Carlsberg launched the project with paper bottle company EcoXpac, packaging company BillerudKorsnas and researchers at the Danish Technical University to start developing bottles made from wood fibers of sustainable origin. With the joint efforts of all parties, BillerudKorsnas and the professional bottle manufacturing company Alpla jointly established the paper bottle company Paboco®.


Today, Coca-Cola, The Absolut Company and L'Oreal will also join Carlsberg in the paper bottle community that Paboco® launches today. The community brings together global leaders and experts with the same vision to advance sustainable packaging and deliver high quality products while reducing environmental impact.