Domestic goods, invisible wings of beer

Domestic goods, invisible wings of beer
The National Day military parade on the 70th anniversary of the past has greatly excited the people of the country. The mood of the people has burned the "boiling point", and the national self-confidence and pride have come out. After 70 years of accumulation, China is a veritable country and is showing its power to the world in its own way. The words "China Power" are not only a slogan that brings national pride, but behind it. It is a solid support for Chinese companies and brands. One by one, the brand of Chinese goods stands on the world stage, and it is the supreme glory of the hearts of the people.

As pointed out in the People’s Daily’s commentary article “Opening a New Way for Brand Powers”, the rise of Chinese goods has not only become a hot topic of concern, but has also become a real trend: from smart phones to white goods, from toiletries to wearable brands, High-speed rail "business cards" to mobile payments, independent brands and Chinese manufacturing are increasingly favored by consumers.

Domestic goods, behind the beer supply chain

Obviously, this is an era of the rise of Chinese goods. There are such people in all walks of life. We have locked our eyes on the beer industry.

After decades of rapid development in China's beer industry, market sales have ranked first in the world, and per capita consumption has reached the world's per capita level. The five major brands represented by Tsingtao Brewery and Snow Beer have almost occupied nearly 80% of the market. The cornerstone of the brand's survival is product quality. For production enterprises such as beverages, the cleaning and maintenance of the production line is an important part of product quality. We were pleasantly surprised to find that in this professional field, a company like Qingdao Haopu Haicheng Technology Co., Ltd. can be said to be a true national light.

Up to now, Qingdao Haopu, established in 1995, after more than 20 years of development, the company has fixed assets of 300 million yuan, the main production and operation: cleaning, disinfection of food safety chemicals, space disinfection products and equipment, adhesives (trademark glue, hot melt), water treatment chemicals, pesticides and pharmaceutical intermediates and other organic phosphorus, glufosinate herbicides and other chemicals. According to the general manager of the company, Xing Wei: In the beer cleaning industry, it is currently the largest supplier of beer cleaning industry in China. The customers of their service are almost all big coffee in the industry, including Tsingtao Brewery Group, Budweiser InBev, China Resources Snow, Yanjing Beer. There are Mengniu Group in the field of fast-moving, Shuanghui Group, Tiandi Yihao Group, Runtian Group, and Xiwang Group.

For most consumers, there is very little understanding of such supply chain service providers. Taking Tsingtao Brewery as an example, Tsingtao Brewery's “harsh” quality management details have long been known in the industry. Every bottle of Tsingtao beer has to undergo 1800 key quality control points, and it is conceivable how strict it is for the selection of production line suppliers. As a representative of domestic products, Qingdao Haopu Haicheng Technology is not only a service provider of Tsingtao Brewery and Snow Beer. Its market share in 2017 has reached 70.6%, and it can compete with international brands such as Yikang and Taihua Shi. watch for.

A long way to go, ten years of continuous innovation

It is no accident that any breakthrough in innovation comes from the continuous deepening of the subdivision. Only true adherents can become the mainstay of the industry. Founded in 1995, Haopu Haicheng Technology relies on more than 20 years of persistence.

According to statistics, China now produces the second largest scientific and technological achievements in the world, and is approaching the United States at the peak of global technology. China is experiencing a big explosion of technology and will continue to blow up. Such technology companies represented by Qingdao Haopu rely on the continuous investment in technology research and development for ten years to ensure the company's industry leading position. The company has set up production and research bases in Qingdao Chengyang, Pingdu Xinhe and Inner Mongolia Alashan, and has long-term cooperation with many universities and research institutes to strengthen the professionalism of the service team. According to reports, the company relies on Lanzhou University, Shanghai Institute of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai University of Technology, Qingdao University and other famous domestic universities and research institutes. More than a dozen Ph.D., doctors, professors and senior engineers have formed a research team and established comprehensive research and development technology. center. More than a dozen product development, product analysis, process improvement and other related technologies can be completed every year. These are undoubtedly the combat power for the continuous export of enterprises, making them full of confidence in facing foreign brands.

The National Science Progress Award and the national patent certification are all fully affirmed by their research and development capabilities, such as responding to customer needs 24 hours a day, collecting information on the spot, and proposing customized solutions based on actual needs, all of which are Haopu Haicheng. Strive for the effective conversion of technology and applications, and make the service more grounded, which may be the essence of its endless life.

China Zhizhi, a leader in international beer chemicals

China's intellectual creation is the inevitable result of the continuous development and continuous evolution of Chinese manufacturing. From the creation of China to the creation of China, it has also been given a new definition of the times.

“Promoting China's manufacturing to create a transformation to China, China's speed to China's quality, and Chinese products to Chinese brands.” Since 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important discussions on the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. In 2015, the “Made in China 2025” strategy was promulgated, which is the driving force for China’s intellectual development from the national strategic level. In 2016, the General Office of the State Council issued a document requesting to play a leading role in the brand, boosting the “structural reform” of the Chinese economy, and “brand strategy” as a national strategy, which are leading the Chinese enterprises to leap.

Made in China, when innovation is the soul. In the face of a new round of industrial revolution, innovation is the soul of national progress and the soul of enterprise growth. Asked about the goal, Haopu Haicheng Technology said that it would become a leader in the international beer industry and go deep into its own field. In the international market of strong hands like Lin, it has won the favor of more partners. He will lead the direction of industry change with the attitude of the leader.

After all, innovation is not about defeating opponents, but about competing with tomorrow.