How to play with the innovation of water packaging

How to play with the innovation of water packaging
In recent years, the packaging water industry is rapidly innovating to adapt its products to the needs of today's consumers. This article takes stock of the most recent innovations in the packaging industry for your reference.

Packaging innovation

Speaking of mineral water packaging, the most common on the market today is bottled water packed with PET materials. However, with the continuous innovation of technology and people's growing awareness of health and environmental protection, new mineral water packaging is emerging in the market. .

Aluminum can packaging

In June of this year, PepsiCo announced that it will replace the plastic packaging of some products with aluminum cans. The aluminum can packaging of its brand pure water music will be gradually rolled out. Then the plan will be promoted to the whole world. By 2025, Pepsi plans to be completely Use recyclable materials.

Pepsi Filling Aquafina Drinking Water

In 2018, Nestlé's S.Pellegrino natural gas bubble mineral water was launched on the market and launched a series of canned water.

In recent years, water brands have turned to canned packaging, and canned water has become a new packaging method, which has been chosen by more and more companies.

Mineral water is closely related to people's daily lives, and the industry is developing very rapidly. At present, most of the mineral waters on the market are bottled with PET materials, and a small number of high-end waters are bottled with clear labels. With the continuous innovation of process technology and the continuous improvement of consumers' awareness of health and environmental protection, mineral water packaging has also ushered in diversified innovation.

paper pack-ups

The carton-packed mineral water has been tried in both the Chinese market and the foreign market. In order to better fit the trend of health and environmental protection, American Choose Water Company has vigorously developed paper bottles instead of plastic bottles in order to replace the packaging of plastic bottles. However, the inclusion of water in opaque paper packaging will make consumers' desire to buy less, so the company's idea has not been put into practice on a large scale.

For example, the British beverage brand Water Works has launched a series of mineral water in carton packs.


In the Chinese market, many people believe that paper packaging such as Tetra Pak will become a major trend in the future of mineral water, light and portable, and easy to recycle. In addition to being more environmentally friendly than other forms of packaging, the carton helps keep the water fresh and fresh as it effectively blocks light and air.


Consumer scene innovation

Pepsi pushes new soda water dispenser platform

Focusing on consumers' growing demand for customizable, healthier beverages, and developing a way to provide beverages without disposable plastic bottles, PepsiCo launched a new water dispenser platform that provides soda in the first half of this year. It offers six flavors of sugar-free soda, and consumers can change the carbon dioxide content, temperature and taste concentration of soda (including strawberries, lemon mint and lime).


The platform consists of a water dispenser, a smartphone app and a personalized QR code sticker for reusable bottles (this allows the dispenser to identify individual consumers) and will be available at selected workplaces, universities and hotel partners this year. roll out.


The system also allows users to track their own water intake, save their own flavor and carbonation levels, set daily hydration targets, and track the number of disposable plastic bottles. The water passes through the nanofiltration after passing through the machine.


In addition, PepsiCo also acquired SodaStream, a manufacturer of household soda makers, for $3.2 billion, and Danone invested $106 million in Mitte, a German start-up mineral water machine company.

Functional innovation

Sleeping water

Having a good night's sleep is essential for good health, which leads consumers to pay more attention to products that have a soothing and sleep-friendly function. According to the data, the sales of China's sleep aids & dietary supplements reached 16.1 billion yuan in 2018. The average growth rate in the past five years was 17.1%. It is predicted that the market size will reach 30 billion yuan in 2022. In the face of the increasingly serious sleep problems, beverage companies have entered the sleep function drinks.

For this product, as early as 2016, the Coca-Cola Company, which is famous for its innovation, launched a Glaceau Sleep Water, which often suffers from insomnia due to the large number of employees in the area. This functional drink is very popular due to its good results.

Japan Cool Music Glaceausleepwater Sleep Water

Cannabis water

In response to the general trend of cannabis, especially cannabinol (CBD), the main benefits associated with this ingredient are health and relaxation. We have seen it widespread in adjacent categories such as chocolate and skin care. It is slowly and firmly entering the food and beverage sector.

There are currently no big companies entering this field. However, according to foreign media reports, Alkaline Water, an American bottled water company that produces alkaline water, is focusing on promoting its new cannabis product line this year, which will be released in March.

In the UK, a bottle of water called Love Hemp Water is now on the market, a mineral water added to the CBD hemp droplets.

Nongfu Spring "Old Man Water"

Nongfu Spring, a leading company in the drinking water industry, announced the release of a lithium-containing natural mineral water to enter the middle-aged and elderly drinking water market segment. This is a rare natural mineral water in the drinking water industry, with "lithium" elements as the main mineral element.

Lithium is an "emotional element". When lithium is not adequately ingested, people may experience physical reactions such as depression, irritability or irritability. Therefore, lithium has long been used as a component of psychotherapy in medicine. Lithium can also be used as a nutrient to participate in many human-related processes such as vitamin B12 and folic acid absorption and neuromodulation. While caffeine in the diet promotes the excretion of lithium, people who love coffee may need to supplement lithium. Lithium has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects and can be used to alleviate the side effects of various drugs.

In addition, more and more studies have confirmed the relationship between lithium and cognition, especially with Alzheimer's disease.

Drunk water

Tibet 5100 recently launched a functional drinking water brand “Buddha Most”, which focuses on solving hangover troubles. This is a patented product of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, yeast water drink SOD natural mineral water. The water source comes from the original glacial direct and deep sea SOD (ie superoxide dismutase) dissolved and bottled at 5100 meters above sea level in the Nyainqentanglha Mountains in Tibet. SOD can protect and repair. The tissue cells of the liver repair and enhance liver function, so that alcohol is rapidly degraded. At present, the products have been fully launched for sale.

Category innovation

Cooked water

In the pioneering bottled water category of the most characteristic in the past two years, Jin Mailang coolly counts a heavy product. The “cooked water” category created by it has filled the market gap and successfully seized the market opportunity, which has brought a new round of changes in the drinking water industry.

In the “raw water” market, high-end and low-end brand competition has been heated up today. How to open innovative products is an issue that is being explored in the entire bottled water market. In May 2016, Jinmailang Beverage Co., Ltd. launched a new cool and opened the concept of “the first bottle of cooked water”. It adopts UHT125°C ultra-boiling point pure physical sterilization, and has no chemical by-product residue. It is an internationally recognized effective and safe sterilization method, ensuring the quality of cool white products.

In this regard, the bottled water market has finally broken into a "spoiler" who is mainly "drinking hot water and quenching thirst."

In recent years, the cooked water category has sprung up, and the market growth rate has maintained the forefront of the whole category for three consecutive years. The data shows that compared with mineral water and pure water, Jinmailang cooked water cool white opened since the product was launched in May 2016, the market sales growth is significant. In 2017 and 16 years, the growth rate was 551%, and in 2018 and 17 years, it increased by 131%, achieving the rapid rise of the brand.

As a latecomer, Wangwang clearly saw the business opportunities of cool and open.

This summer, Want Want is ready to launch a new bottled water product - Want Want cool white open, product specifications of 500ml, choose to start in the Want Want vending machine channel.


It is reported that this is a cooked water product using HTP high temperature sterilization technology to minimize the process of household boiling water. The cooked water is easy to be absorbed by the human body, and the stomach health is not suitable for daily drinking.