How does mineral water packaging design create value?

How does mineral water packaging design create value?
It is understood that the mainstream of global mineral water product design is to promote the natural environment of water intake as a selling point. Japan's mineral water is taken from all parts of the country, and there are too many water intakes in natural conditions. Instead, it can not highlight the advantages of water intake. The Coca-Cola Company wanted to launch a brand new mineral water in the Japanese market and found the design studio of Detian Yousi, who is responsible for the entire process from concept to development, packaging and advertising.

Can you change the "rules of the game" for this mineral water design? Tokusuke changed his focus on new consumer awareness, and he tried to find new discoveries and make different mineral water designs.

He found that consumers' awareness of environmental protection became a topic of concern for marketers at the time. In 2009, 90% of Japanese nationals had a positive environmental awareness, but only 10% of them were truly environmentally responsible, and the remaining 80% were environmentally conscious but did not act.

By analyzing the behaviors of these consumers and their causes, and discussing with designers, Tokusuke has adopted green bottles and label designs that reduce crude oil consumption. In Japan, 20 milligrams of crude oil is generally used to produce 500ml plastic bottles, while Detian Yousi's environmentally friendly bottles require only 12-13 milligrams of crude oil.

Ilohas' plastic bottle design won the 19th Environmental Award for Environment Minister

The eco-friendly bottle is softer and thinner. It weighs only 60% of the average plastic bottle and can be screwed together to save more space during garbage collection. But when I first introduced such a design, Detian Yousi’s plan was not optimistic. "Everyone thinks this is a failure. As a product, it looks very fragile," said Tokuyuki.

Ilohas later introduced a variety of mineral waters

The selling point of ilohas has changed from taking water to environmental protection, and its label has chosen a smaller size. The yellow-green windmill pattern symbolizes the state when the bottles are screwed together, and the pink-blue label that was popular at the time. The design is differentiated.

Environmental awareness has also become the inspiration for Detian Yousi's advertising creativity. In the commercial film shot by Japanese actor Abe Kuan for ilohas, he demonstrated the three steps of choosing ilohas, drinking and screwing the bottle. In the final scene, Abe held a billboard - this would change the world's water.

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Detian Yousi did not expect that with the selling point of “can be screwed plastic bottle”, ilohas quickly caused a topic after the listing, and became the first bottled water in Japan in the first year. The topic and economic effects brought by ilohas have attracted the attention of major Japanese news media. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun called this original design “environmentally felt”.