What kind of sterilization method is used for functional beverages?

What kind of sterilization method is used for functional beverages?

Beverage is a product with a large sales volume on the market. How to ensure the shelf life of herbal tea? Among them, sterilization is an important step in the production process. The production and application of beverage sterilization pots bring profits to the development of beverage plants. Do you want to sterilize?

There are three types of functional beverages that can be sterilized:

1. Hot water circulation type sterilization: When the food is sterilized, all the food in the pot is soaked by hot water. In this way, the heat distribution is relatively uniform.

2. Steam-type sterilization: After the food is put into the pot, it is not added with water first, but directly into the steam to heat up. Because the air in the pot will appear cold during the sterilization process, the heat distribution in this way is not the most uniform.

3, water-based sterilization: This method uses a nozzle or a spray pipe to spray hot water onto the food. The sterilization process is carried out by spraying nozzles on both sides or the top of the sterilization pot. Hot water to the surface of the food, so not only the temperature is uniform and no dead angle, but also the temperature and cooling rate is rapid, can fully, quickly and stably sterilize the products in the pot, especially suitable for the sterilization of soft packaged food.