Automatic Blowing Machine Maintenance 5 Precautions

Automatic Blowing Machine Maintenance  5 Precautions
1. The bottle of the automatic blow molding machine cannot be taken out of the mold after being blown.

Firstly, the mold should be opened, and the mold should be opened and closed manually. If it is normal, run it in the air condition, if it is normal.

Please check your exhaust time setting. If the exhaust setting is normal and you only need one blown bottle at a time, then you can judge the exhaust valve. Please open the exhaust valve to check the spring and seal. Condition (There is also a phenomenon in which the exhaust sound is loud or has a bad sound).

If you are experiencing a lot of mold production and occasionally come to this situation, please check whether the lock pin has a segment of the screw inside, in addition, please check whether the clamping force is too large, if too large Probably adjusted from the beginning according to the specifications.


2, the bottle of the automatic blowing machine is always pinched
The orientation of the robot is not misplaced.
3, two robots collide
This situation requires manual reset of the robot from the head, which is caused by misalignment.

4, automatic blowing machine feeding position is not added, need to check several conditions:


Is it now that the hopper is not expected, if it is: need to feed quickly
No: Please check if the control contactor of the automatic blower hoist is in the power-on condition. If it is powered, check if the motor is in the power and load condition as soon as possible, because this condition is probably caused by the preform ( The embryo) is stuck in the lifting belt, and the simplest way is to manually assist in the lifting. If you look at the control of the automatic blower hoist's control contactor is not in the power state, please check the preform to check whether the electric eye is not in the same line as the reflector.


5, automatic blowing machine feeding old card feeding tray:

This situation is a question of contrasting headaches. From the experience point of view, if the length of the preform (embryo) is larger than the long-cut component, then this phenomenon is less contrast.