The development trend of China's carbonated beverage machinery industry

The development trend of China's carbonated beverage machinery industry
  China's beverage market has been developed from a carbonated water, a carbonated beverage, a water beverage, a fruit juice beverage, a tea beverage, a functional beverage, and a milk-containing beverage. In addition, fruits and vegetables, coarse grains, soybeans, coffee and other beverages are also Seek a share of the market.
      The traditional taste and convenient drinking make the success of the tea drink. Consumers are paying more and more attention to brands when buying beverages. This trend has a great impact on the tea beverage market and directly leads to a strong market segmentation. The tea beverage brands that consumers liked are concentrated on several strong brands, and the gap is not big. It is understood that in the tea beverage market, after years of market adjustment, the pattern has become more mature. Uniform, Master Kong, Wahaha, Suntory, Nestle and other brands have basically occupied the leading position of this market.
      In the case of juice drinks, juice drinks have entered the homes of ordinary people due to the joint efforts of beverage giants such as Coca-Cola, Huiyuan, Master Kong, and Uniform.
     In the milk-containing beverage market, brand products such as Mengniu Yogurt, Yili Yogurt, Bright Yogurt, Wahaha Nutrition Express are doing a good job in this field.
      With the positioning of “fear of getting angry and drinking herbal tea”, herbal tea beverages quickly moved from Guangdong to the national market, and at the same time created famous tea brands such as Jiaduobao, Wang Laoji and Qizheng.
       Functional beverages are a healthy drink that has been popular in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan since 2000. At present, sports renti beverages account for 68% of functional beverages in China, nutrient-enhanced beverages account for 25%, and others account for 7%.