Mineral water plant construction and investment budget

Mineral water plant construction and investment budget

  I. Design and production scale
      According to the amount of mineral water resources and the approval of the development of water volume, market forecastable sales volume and capital capacity to determine the scale of production. The output is small, it can't form scale, there is no good economic benefit; the scale is too large, the sales are not smooth, and it is easy to cause backlog and loss. Therefore, the production line generally has an annual output (1 - 5 million cubic meters). In all aspects of the conditions, it is possible to design a mineral water plant with an annual output of more than 100,000 cubic meters.

    Second, the water treatment process
      Whether the water quality of mineral water products can be stable for a long time, the water treatment process is the key. Therefore, in the argument, it is necessary to propose a suitable process flow, especially if there are special elements or components to be treated in the water, and the treatment plan and its prediction effect should be proposed in the demonstration.

    Third, the filling line production process
      According to the design scale and financial ability, choose the appropriate filling equipment and filling method. If imported equipment is to be used, it is necessary to fully understand the performance, quality and price of imported equipment, and justify the use of imported equipment, because imported equipment is generally much more expensive than domestic equipment. And brand-name domestic equipment can also produce qualified products.

    Fourth, blowing equipment and technology
      The automatic blow molding equipment is a one-step blow molding machine and a two-step blow molding machine. One-step blow molding machine, from pelletized material (PET) to bottle forming, is produced in one piece of equipment. The bottle making speed is slow and the output is low. It is produced in Italy, France and Germany, but the price is very expensive.
      Domestically produced blow molding machine equipment is generally based on a two-step blow molding machine, and is also divided into a rotary blow molding machine and a linear blow molding machine. That is to say, the preform is first made by the injection molding machine, and then the preform is blown by heating, and the two-step method is fast in blowing and high in productivity. The foreign import is represented by the German Krones, and the domestically produced is represented by Taizhou Yige Machinery!
      At present, many mineral water plants purchase bottle embryos from the production of professional bottle embryos. The mineral water plant purchases a blow molding machine for blowing, and the effect is better. Therefore, the issue of bottle making should also be demonstrated in the argumentation report.

    V. Water quality inspection
      In the production process of mineral water, the products are often tested for water quality to ensure the quality of mineral water products. Therefore, the design of the mineral water plant should also include the establishment of a water quality inspection analysis room, equipped with the necessary equipment. The feasibility study report should propose what kind of water quality analysis room to set up, which equipment, such as bacteria incubator, refrigerator, oven, biological microscope, flame photometer and related glassware. Where are these devices purchased and their prices, etc.

    Sixth, investment budget
      The investment budget is an important part of the feasibility study for establishing a mineral water plant. Through the budgetary estimate, you can know how much the factory is built, how much money is needed, how the money is used, and the proportion of funds used in each part, including water treatment line equipment. Filling equipment, air purification equipment, bottle making equipment, water quality testing equipment, plant construction, transportation vehicles, working capital, etc. From the analysis of whether the use of various fees is appropriate. The main project cost of mineral water plant construction is shown in Table 1. 1. The cost of water treatment equipment can generally be considered according to domestic equipment; 2. The cost of bottle making equipment is considered according to the domestic two-step method; 3. The cost of filling line equipment; 4. Laboratory test Equipment costs; 5, plant facilities construction costs are shown in Table 2; 6, transportation vehicles (vehicles). Including large trucks, small cars, quantity, cost; 7, liquidity; 8, total investment.