Ozone generator and oxygen source integrated machine is a device for preparing ozone gas (O3). The oxygen generator uses zeolite molecular sieve imported from the United States as an adsorbent, and uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) to separate oxygen from nitrogen in the air, and filters out harmful substances in the air, thereby obtaining high-purity oxygen and greatly increasing ozone production. , Purity and efficiency. The yield of pure oxygen is above 95%, and the stability is high.

The current commonly used disinfectants and disinfection equipment have residual and secondary pollution, and cannot effectively improve indoor air quality. Long-term use will cause potential threats to human health and the natural environment, which can cause virus resistance and accelerate virus mutation.

Ozone (O3) is known as a "green chemical" and is a strong oxidant. It has the four major functions of sterilization, decolorization, oxidation, and deodorization, and has no residual and no secondary pollution. It is an environmentally-friendly green industrial raw material. One. Ozone generator, as a new generation of high-tech products developed by our company, has beautiful and elegant appearance, novel and unique, easy operation and reliable operation.



  1. The ozone gas produced by this product has strong oxidation and catalysis effects. Viruses and bacteria are subject to a variety of free radicals in the ozone gas, which can dissociate and denature proteins and reduce the activity of nucleic acids and enzymes, thereby sterilizing Purifying air.
  2. Ozone belongs to broad-spectrum sterilization and has a strong killing effect on various bacteria and viruses.
  3. Ozone and formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, xylene and other toxic and harmful gases undergo degradation, oxidation and other complex physical and chemical reactions, and the by-products are non-toxic and harmless, which can avoid secondary pollution.
  4. The use of ozone gas to sterilize, degrade organic waste gas, eliminate odors, and purify the air is a relatively advanced high-tech in the world. Domestic and foreign experts call it one of the four major technologies of environmental science in the 21st century.


Decomposition time

Ozone easily decomposes into oxygen. The half-life of ozone in water is about 20 minutes, and the half-life in air at room temperature and pressure is about 10-30 minutes. Ozone will eventually be decomposed into oxygen.


Basic functions

  1. Reliable processing of the gas supply system to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.
  2. Circuit malfunction alarm;
  3. It can be used after receiving the water source and power supply when the goods arrive, easy to install and simple to operate;
  4. All-in-one machine includes: oxygen generating part, ozone part, heat dissipation part (radiator); oxygen flow can be adjusted Control ozone concentration. Ozone output can be adjusted smoothly, with an adjustment range of 0-100%;
  5. A variety of automatic and manual control methods can be realized;  
  6. Can be customized according to user needs: integrated design of ozone and gas-water mixing devices; adjustable use time at startup; Intelligent touch screen PLC system; ozone online detection and other functions


Bactericidal ability

Ozone has extremely strong oxidizing characteristics, and is recognized by the world as a broad-spectrum high-efficiency bactericide. Its oxidizing ability is twice as high as chlorine, and sterilization is 600-3000 times faster than chlorine. Killing bacteria. For common E. coli, Streptococcus faecalis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, molds, etc., the killing rate can reach more than 99% in an ozone environment for 5 minutes. Its sterilization and disinfection effects occur almost instantaneously. When the ozone concentration in water is 0.3-2mg / L, bacteria can be killed within 0.5-1min.


  1. Use bright 304 stainless steel case, which is designed with atmospheric appearance, compact structure, practical and beautiful;
  2. Oxygen generation system in the equipment, stable oxygen output, free control of oxygen generation unit combination, more convenient maintenance;
  3. High-concentration double Water-cooled enamel pipe with high outlet concentration, good cooling performance and durable equipment;
  4. The ozone production and ozone concentration can be adjusted at will, and the ozone concentration can be arbitrarily controlled. The ozone power supply has double protection devices; it will automatically alarm when illegal operations are performed; Light weight, neat appearance, elegant circuit;
  5. Reasonable structure; extremely stable use, high efficiency, long life, output short circuit, open circuit protection. Power over-current and over-voltage protection, sound and light warning;
  6. Electric control device: The machine and equipment are all intelligent design, light weight, convenient installation, high efficiency, stable and reliable operation, and the equipment can be used for 24 hours.


Advantages of Steplead ozone generating tube


  1. High-concentration double water-cooled enamel tube: Double water-cooled ozone generating tube is a product independently developed by our company. The inner electrode is coated with enamel and the outer electrode is made of 316 stainless steel. Prevent high temperature during tube work, and ensure high ozone concentration and output. The outlet concentration is high, and the ozone concentration reaches 110-150mg / L, which is higher than similar products.
  2. High-performance stainless steel discharge tube: high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. With high efficiency and reliability; 316L stainless steel internal electrode to ensure oxidation and corrosion resistance. The uniform discharge gap between the inner electrode quartz coating and the outer electrode stainless steel, using insulation materials to prevent leakage;
  3. High-efficiency dehydroxylated quartz discharge tube: the inner electrode is water-cooled, and the outer electrode is forcedly air-cooled with an aluminum radiator. Low temperature rise, high concentration and stable yield. The head is made of high-quality fluorine plastic, and the power supply of the single tube is matched one-to-one, which is easy to assemble, convenient to repair and work for a long time. High frequency and low voltage, high concentration, low power consumption, water will not be damaged, long life.
  4. High-pressure honeycomb discharge tube: The ozone discharge chamber uses a high-concentration honeycomb ozone tube, which is the key to high-output and high-concentration ozone generators. The discharge body has large ozone production and high ozone concentration, which can maximize the use of the power system and The function of the cooling system, the mechanical design is compact, low energy consumption, strong and durable; its characteristics are: good cooling performance, good sealing performance, can withstand greater gas pressure; our ozone equipment is fully automatic control, high degree of automation, no need Specialist operation, integrated operation of ozone equipment, the use of high-tech discharge technology, the electrode is not easy to damage, safe and reliable operation, multi-level circuit protection, the output power is continuously adjustable, and can work continuously for a long time. Advanced corona discharge technology, high degree of automation, optimized mechanical design, built-in programmable microcontroller module.


Oxygen production system 



  1. No raw materials required: The system is convenient, fast, and cheap for on-site oxygen production. The raw materials come from nature's air without pollution.
  2. Better efficiency: The unique packing and compaction method of oxygen molecular sieve has higher density, better efficiency and longer life.
  3. Stable output: Independently developed products, quality assurance, stable oxygen output and high concentration.
  4. Convenient control: Each oxygen-generating unit can be freely controlled without affecting each other's work, and the control is more convenient.
  5. Reasonable structure: By combining different numbers of standardized oxygen generating units, Baifeng oxygen generator series products are formed.


Oil-free air compressor

  • Built-in low noise
  • Good noise ratio, non-polluting output, high pressure, stable, fast operation, built-in thermal protection device, high starting pressure, greatly increase ozone production



How to use 

  • Connect the cooling water inlet, outlet, and ozone outlet of the ozone generator;
  • The corresponding air switch (with grounding) must be installed near the ozone generator, and no extra wires can be used to replace the power cord of the machine at any time.
  • After the connection is completed, please check whether the supply circuit, gas path and water path are blocked and leaked, and eliminate the fault to ensure that it works properly. Under no circumstances must the ozone outlet and cooling water outlet be blocked. The cooling water must be installed before starting the machine. Make sure that the cooling water pipe has circulating water before starting the equipment. Cooling water requires water temperature less than 35 degrees.
  • Only when the cooling water of the equipment has been connected for recycling, the power of the ozone generator can be turned on. After the power is turned on, the power indicator is on; the voltmeter has an indication;
  • Turn on: Turn on the work switch and the ozone generator will press Work successively, the working air source, cooling water, air source treatment and ozone generator work in order, it takes about 50 seconds, then the ammeter displays the current current of ozone work (note that if there is no cooling water input, the ozone generator only works gas Source system, other systems are not working)
  • Shut down: turn off the ozone generator power, the ozone generator is turned off in turn, ozone, air cooling, gas cooling, after about 2 minutes, the ozone generator will automatically power off after cooling is completed, about It takes 3 minutes;
  • If you need to change the size of ozone production, you can adjust the control valve on the panel;
  • Do not adjust the oxygen flow rate greater than the actual flow rate;


Working conditions

The normal working conditions of the ozone generator are as follows:

  1. the environmental protection temperature is not higher than 45 ℃, and the relative temperature is not higher than 85%;
  2. the cooling water inlet temperature is not higher than 35 ℃.




Service life

Average life should be ≥20000h;

Accumulative working time should be ≥8000h