PP bottled milk filler, aluminum foil sealer

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This machine adopts the advanced foreign automatic quantitative filling technology, integrating the functions of filling, automatic aluminum foil cutting, foil feeding and sealing. It is widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging, especially for all kinds of plastic bottle packaging. It is an ideal equipment for upgrading, with accurate filling and eliminating foam, high sealing yield, and reasonable double slanting foil forming technology, greatly improves the utilization rate of the aluminum foil film, and the electromechanical integration design is first-class, and the transmission makes the operation more stable.

The design of the conveyor chain is fine, the appearance is beautiful, the connection between the chains is reasonable, and the bottle is smooth. The bottle conveyor chain is 330mm high, which is convenient for manual lamp inspection. The conveyor chain plate is made of high-quality engineering plastic chain plates. The legs, chain side plates and guardrails are all imported bright 304 stainless steel. The feet, guardrails, and brackets are all made of injection molded parts. The transmission motor reducer adopts the joint venture product, the conveyor chain runs smoothly, the installation and maintenance are convenient, and the service life is long.


The automatic filling machine is specially designed for the production of PE bottle filling aluminum foil sealing. The machine is used for conveying bottles, bottle-holding filling and aluminum foil sealing, which can complete the functions of accurate filling and sealing. It has the features of beautiful appearance, automatic operation, easy operation, and high production efficiency.
The contact parts of the machine and the materials are all made of high-quality stainless steel. The other parts are also non-toxic and durable. The electrical and pneumatic systems use imported components, such as Mitsubishi PLC, OMRON proximity switch, photoelectric switch, temperature controller. Therefore, the device has a low failure rate, high reliability, and good durability.


The aluminum foil capping machine is a special capping device for milk beverages, which integrates a roll mold mounting system and a cover making system. Based on the introduction, digestion, and absorption of foreign advanced technology, according to the process requirements, an advanced level of capping equipment has been developed. It is mainly used for auxiliary equipment after milk filling. The structure is reasonable, the operation is safe, the work is reliable, and the maintenance is convenient. It is an ideal filling equipment for large and medium-sized beverage factories.

  • Compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, a high degree of automation and low labor intensity.
  • Easy to install with easy film mounting technology.
  • The cover guardrail is made of stainless steel to make the cover dropping smoother.
  • The photoelectric system is used to control the start of the capping machine so that the cover is always kept at a certain number to ensure that there is a cover after filling.
  • High-speed cover making, high-precision mold.
  • Equipped with a complete CIP loop and control program (optional).
  • The components of the pneumatic system are all well-known products.


Conveyor motor adopts frequency controlling for the motor speed, which keeps pace with the running speed of 3-in-1 monobloc filling machine, preventing bottle overturned


Machine body rack is welded by high-quality carbon steel, anti-rust processing, and spray finishing surface. The surface is covered by the SUS 304 stainless steel.


The electronic components like PLC and transducer are from Mitsubishi, Omron, etc., the pneumatic devices are also from the international famous brand.

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