Glass bottle rinsing filling capping machine for alcohol drinks

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The glass bottle washing/filling/capping three-in-one machine is a new product developed on the basis of the introduction of Italian filling technology. The machine integrates flushing/rinsing, filling and capping, with scientific and reasonable design, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, and high automation. Mainly suitable for alcohol filling of glass bottles. A variety of bottle types are available for a small number of parts.
The rack

The structural high-quality countertop and channel steel are used as the chassis, and the exterior is 304 stainless steel layer, 304 stainless steel body frame, stainless steel adjustable foot.

Bottle feeding mechanism

The bottle feeding method of the upper bottle conveying line and the bottle dial feeding wheel is directly connected. The use of the dial bottle holding type transmission technology, stable entry into the filling position, the user does not need to adjust the height of the device when changing the bottle shape, just replace the nylon wheel and the bottle guard plate.

Rotary bottle washing section 

The number of bottle holders is 18, and the bottle holders are stable and reliable, and the rinsing efficiency is high. More rinsing stations are set up, which shortens the rinsing time (can be extended by about 15%), which can improve the rinsing effect. The rotating discs are all welded with stainless steel AISI304. The inverted bottle clamp is used, and the bottle clamp holding the bottleneck portion, thereby avoiding possible contamination to the screw thread portion of the bottle mouth by the rubber clamp on the conventional bottle clamp. 

Rotary filling system

The number of filling valves is 
18, and the contact parts with the product are both 304 stainless steel. The inner and outer surfaces of the filling cylinder are mirror polished.

The filling machine adopts German technology and satisfies the requirements of full filling required for filling.

Rotary capping system

The number of capping heads is 6, and the horizontal capping type capper has the function of not damaging the surface of the cap; and automatically transmits the signal to feed caps when the hopper has less cap.

Caps sorting system

Cap sorter, reducing the secondary pollution of the cap, 304 stainless steel caps dropping slot, sorter compartment and dropping slot with the electronic cap-less detection system, automatic control of the cap feeder and the whole machine running speed. It can realize no bottle and no cap.


 Power system

Frequency control, each moving mechanism adopts open gear transmission, which has high efficiency, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance and stable operation. Each bottle star wheel is an engineering plastic part with a safety protection mechanism to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.

Electronic control system

The electric control cabinet PLC automatically completes the whole process control of the three-in-one bottle machine from the bottle to the bottle. Operate with a touchscreen



1)The advanced frequency control system is adopted, and the key electrical components are all internationally renowned brands of products.

2)It is convenient to replace the bottle type by using the lower holder type filling.

3)Spring-type rinsing bottle clamp and the empty bottle is automatically rotated 180 degrees with the track, the inside and outside are flushed twice, and the rinsing efficiency is high.

4)Pressure type filling liquid level positioning, quantitative and accurate.

5)Magnetic torque type capping head ensures tightness without damaging the cap.

6)Use the filling head to move up and down, and the bottles run on the same level to ensure the stability of the bottle.

7)The machine is low in noise and comparable to international counterparts.

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  • Specification:



    Body material

    SUS304 stainless steel 50 x 50, thickness 1.5MM

    Other metal material

    SUS304 stainless steel, thickness 1.5MM



    Production capacity

    (1000ml) 2000-3000

    Bottle type

    round or square bottle

    Bottle specifications

     Bottle diameter ø50-ø100mm;

    Bottle height 150-320mm;  

    Capacity 330-2500ml

    Cap type

     screw cap

    Filling accuracy


    Filling pressure


    Total power


    Total weight




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