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High quality motor synchronous cutting system is equipped with the soft drink bottle sleeve shrink labeling machine, to ensure a endurable service life for the cutting system with high precision labeling accuracy.
This bottle sleeve labeler can well be flexible for round bottle, square bottle, elliptic bottle, also suit for labeling the bottle top and bottle body. The newest dual material feeding system is equipped for the purpose of fast raw material changing.
The sleeving labeling machine can work well with different other machineries for a complete beverage bottle filling and packaging line, also available to just work individually for labeling purpose.
Detecting system of automatic cutting system: sensing and detecting automatically by touching the screen.
This bottle sleeve labeling machine works with steam generating sytem for shrinking label wrapping around the bottles bodys.
• Electronic and optical fiber sensor
• Tail surface and electronic eye are combined to improve the cutting accuracy and efficiency
• Synchronous cutting system
• The cutting head is divided into three sections to perfectly suit the diameter of the bottle:
• Bottle conveying position detecting system
• Fixed conveyor belt is adopted to convey bottles and synchronously activate the high sensitive screen panel with people-machine interaction system
• Thermostatic electro thermal contracting engine
• Microcomputer PLC controlling system is adopted to control the machine at a constant temperature, greatly save working timing, and energy consumption. The stove can be opened and cleaned during the production.

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