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This OPP labeler labeling machine, or hot melt adhesive labeler, is suitable for labeling OPP material labels, it is easy to operate, and convenient to change the mould. It's cable to work with filler, code printing machine, water treatment, and blow molding machine etc.
•It adopts past volume row, which greatly save glue consumption, and lower running cost.
•With high precision production standard requirement, the machine stability is greatly improved, and greatly increase production capacity.
•Labeling controlling unit is the center of this machine, which responsible for completing transmission constant tension of label station, automatically correcting label position.
•Whole system is with PLC automatic controlling system.
•Overload protection system, the problem happen, the machine will give alarm automatically and stop machine operation immediately, which assure a high secure operation circumstance for operators.
•Automatic lubricating system, which greatly improve convenience of maintenance with automatically lubricating to each main components in the machine, easy to operation and greatly prolong machine’s service life.
•Special folder structure of labels will assure these labels are compacting with label folder unit.
•With servo motor driver, photoelectric color sensor, the label will be stuck precisely, efficiently and cutting neatly.
1.Adopts wheel type labeling.
2.Labels are fed with feeding wheel along guiding rail for labeling.
3.Sensor will detect I-MARK automatically when label passing by the feeding wheel.
4.Once the position of Electric Eye is detected, demodulator will adjust speed of feeding wheel, and detect the cutting position precisely.
5.Label passing by the feeding wheel, and enters into cutting position for label cutting, then label is feeding into vacuum drum.
6.Senor sensing the labels in the vacuum drum, then feeds it into glue drum for glue painting.
7.Bottles feeding with conveyor, sorting by star wheel, having its first time labeling, then continue complete labeling process with synchronous belt.

Main systems
1. Control system: PLC and frequency converter.
2. Safety system
3. Driving unit equips overload operation protection device.
4. The feeding wheel equips abortion device for abnormal situation.
5. No bottle detection device to stop machine operation when short of bottles.
6. Bottle feeding overload operation detection device.
7. No label detection device to stop machine operation when short of labels.

Machine structures
1.Feeding belt,  2) Feeding star wheel,  3) label station,  4) vacuum drum,  5) driving unit,
2.Glue feeder,  7) glue roller,  8) synchronous belt,  9) label cutting unit,  10) label slidway
11) machine body frame,  12) pneumatic and lubrication units,  13) electricity unit

Additional Info

  • Specification:
    Specification Details
    Model OPP-I4
    Gluing type Rolling gluing
    Label type Curl label
    Label on the vaccum drum 4P
    Length of labeling 78-242mm
    Suitable bottle type Ø30-114mm
    Capacity 6000bottles/hour for 600ml
    Height of label 25-205mm
    Material of label PAPER.PP.BOPP.PVC.PE.ETC

    Material of container

    (cylindrical bottle)

    Power 9-12Kw/380±10%V/50-60Hz
    Compressed air consumption 340-450L/min
    Weight about 1500kg
    Dimensions 1500 x 1500 x 1400mm

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