Individual POP Can Filling Machine for Juice

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The POP can filling machine consist of three individual systems, pop can rinsing machine, automatic rotary pop can filling machine and tin can sealing machine.
This production line is fully automatic operation, suitable for the production of various beverages or soft drinks, such as coke, soda water, energy drink, juice drink etc. It is an ideal filling machine for beverage industries.
Can Rinsing machine
It is good to wash and flush empty tin can or pop can before beverage filling processing. Empty cans will be sent to star wheels, then transferred into rinsing position automatically. All the pop cans will be cleaned up by water thoroughly. With inclination angle in the rinsing system, empty cans will be rolling along parallel guiding rails, the waste water will be drained out after washing.
Can filling machine is very high efficiency for filling beverage and soft drinks, no liquid spilled, low energy consumption and save much labor cost. 
Can seaming machine can perfectly seam pop cans with lids with high working efficiency, low working noise, high sealing accuracy and low defective rate.

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