Gable Top Carton Filler

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Aseptic carton filling machine including brick carton filler, and gable top carton filler. Customer can just show us their package carton shapes, carton volume and production speed. We will give right solution for customer's option with detail technology and most competitive offer.

Except the box feeding needs to be feed by labor, brick carton aseptic filling machine is cable to make whole processing automatically, which including automatic box bottom folding, heating, press sealing, box dropping, caps feeding, sterilizing, heating, press sealing, code printing etc.

It is applicable for aseptic filling various liquid foods (such as milk, yoghurt, fresh oil and fruit juice drinks). Combined with other features options, it can fill high-viscosity, granular or solid food products or others. New CAP-PAC capping machine can be fixed on this packing machine directly to weld various plastic caps onto the preserved opening on the gable box directly by ultrasonic technique.

Features of aseptic carton filling machine.

  • Simple design

  • Only need on operator, low-cost maintenance

  • Standardized parts, localized replacement

  • Short time for changing box sizes

  • High filling precision, with fine turning device.

  • Compact design, less space required

  • Low noise

  • Low energy consumption

  • Automatic PLC controlling system, easy to operation, flexible to maintenance.

  • Guaranteed after-sales service and spare parts supply

  • Meeting USA 3A standard

  • Adjustable production speed, filling volume and box height, high adaptability

  • High/middle/low level conrol and low level alarm, loading stop device.

  • Brand date code printer

  • Liquid level controller/low liquid level alarm

  • Filling system CIP cleaning auxiliaries

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