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Automatic bottle prostack loading system and machine are produced strictly according to the standard of drink water industry, and all its components and raw material are using products from branded supplier at home and abroad. Bottle rack loading machine is featured with high technique, high automation, convenient operation, dependable ability etc. Moreover, it features in impact volume, strong corrosion resistance, thorough sterilization, effective protection of air pollution etc. This bottle rack loading system is widely used for bottle rack loading for 11L – 19L bottles, with high production efficiency, trustable security, and enjoy high reputation in the market.  Bottle rack loader works from bottle enters, bottle turn over, bottle rolling, bottle pushing, to bottle lifting and loading, whole process is controlled with PLC programmer, automatically realize accurate positioning, less labor needed. The whole rack loader adopts high strength stainless steel material, stainless steel plate, accurate argon arc welding, small distortion; all the transmission parts are stainless steel structure, to assure the machine can run under all kinds of circumstance; all non-metal parts adopt non-toxic good abrasion resistant PP plastic material; transmission motor and booster pump are exporting standard stainless steel products; electronics parts also adopt imported or China branded products, to assure it’s performance more stable and reliable.  


Working principle

This bottle rack loader adopts PLC automatic controller, the whole working process just as below: 1) Close the air leakage protection switch, and open the urgent stop switch, the power indicator light on, that’s the machine is connecting with electricity power, and PLC is working.

2) Touching the start button on the screen, enters into the controlling system. Press start button, AC contactor close for controlling transmission motor, machine start to run; After connecting with electricity power, the pneumatic electric magnetism valve also ready, bottle turner returns its home poison, then bottled water enters into the bottle turner section one by one. When bottle sensor detects and counts 4 bottles there, the valve will work, and cylinder is supplied with gas, turning the bottles down for bottle rolling section.

Then bottle rolling motor will be triggered, driving screw rod to rotate, bottle roller then rolling bottles into the bottle stand for lifting and stacking. When bottle rolling motor returns to its home position, pneumatic electric magnetism valves under the bottle stand will be electrified, gas enter into the cylinders, and driving stand’s plates up to separate four bottles, that’s to assure bottled water will not tilt during pushing into the bottle rack. When pneumatic valves of the bottle rack loading machine is on, bottle pushing motor also start to rotate. After decreasing by speed reducer it will drive screw rod to rotate, via the shaft coupling on the screw rod, the bottle pusher will push bottles into bottle rack.

There are total 5 layers for the bottle rack, bottle pushing twice for each layer. No matter when the stand lifts up to which layer, lifting motor will return the stand to its home position, waiting for next 4 bottles. When bottle loading for the fifth layer, after second round of bottles already enter into bottle rack, lifting motor will return bottle stand to home position, the bottle feeding system will continue to convey bottles in. When bottles are turned down for rolling, rolling motor stop running, no bottles will be rolled over into the bottle stand. Because whole bottle rack from 1st layer to 5th layer is completely full, one working cycle is completed. For a new working cycle, it will need to replace a new bottle rack by labor, and press the continue button on the screen panel of bottle rack loader

Additional Info

  • Specification:

    Bottle Rack Loading Capacity

    600 BPH-1200BPH

    Bottle Type

    18.9L, 15L

    Bottle specs


    Transmission motor power


    Bottle rolling motor


    Bottle pushing motor


    Table lifting motor 



    Single phase 240V±5%  50Hz

    Controlling power voltage

     DC 24V±5% DC 5V ±5%  50Hz

    Rated current


    Air compressor requirement

    0.1 M3     0.17M3/Min   0.8MPa/Cm2

    Machine dimension

    Bottle feeder 2100 x 1270 x 2270


    Bottle lifter 1710 x 1580 x 2270

    Machine weight


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