Rotary palletizer for 5 gallon bottles

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Palletizing machine is the last equipment of the five-gallon production line. It can greatly reduce the labor intensity and save manpower. It is automatically arranged from the conveyor line by 5x5, 4x5, 4x4, controlled by PLC, photoelectric sensor, cylinder action, one scratch 25 bottles, 20 or 16 bottles, rotated 90°into the pallet, stacking 3 layers, it consists of base, lifting frame, rotating bearing seat, clamping block, rope collecting shaft, motor, proximity switch, electrical appliance, conveying system, etc. composition.


Technical benefits

It takes only one person (forklift) to complete it from the production line!
Complete a new level of automatic production for your company!
The robotic palletizing machine has a production capacity (24 hours operation) and high safety and reliability. The direct and indirect economic benefits of production are considerable.



Including automatic bottle delivery, automatically grabs the bottles, picks up and place the layer separating board, automatically exits the pallet, and automatically replaces new pallet.
When the bottle is transported into the palletizer, they are arranged in a row by a pneumatically controlled sorting system (4 bottles or 5 bottles per row, and 5 bottles per row). When the first bottle touches the proximity switch 1#, the light is on, the conveyor belt stops working, indicating that the first row is full, the push bottle cylinder moves forward to the previous bottle position, the conveyor belt is restarted, and another row of bottles enter, which is also close to the switch 1#,  the light is on, the cylinder push again, pushing 4 or 5 times in the same way, and switch 2#’s light on, indicating that the bottles are sorted. The lifting system moves downward (clip open) to grasp the bottled water and place them on the pallet, and after the first layer is finished, a layer separating board is automatically taken onto the bottled water, and the second layer of palletizing is repeated. In the same way, the movement runs for three cycles, when the pallet is full of three layers, and the personnel can use the forklift to move loaded pallet away. And the machine will automatically replace a new pallet.


Technical advantages

-Low position bottle enters, occupying less space and having a large production capacity;
-PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation;
-Multiple security protections with touchscreen control;
-The use of high-quality conveyor chain segment drive, the output section can be arbitrarily lengthened;
-All imported motor components, cylinder drive, and control are imported;
-Adopt 304 materials mostly, the whole machine is beautiful and generous;
-The ability to palletize is much higher than traditional palletizers and manual palletizers.
-The structure is very simple, low failure rate, easy to maintain and repair, mainly constitutes fewer spare parts, maintenance costs are very low;
- The site has a high utilization rate and flexible application, and can handle different products of several production lines at the same time;
-All operations can be edited on the teach pendant screen, the operation is very simple;
-Product update only need to input the new data, re-calculation can be run, no need to modify and set up the hardware of equipment;

Additional Info

  • Specification:



     380V50/60HZ 4KW

    Applicable pallet

     L1200 x W1200mm (according to customer requirements)

    Stacking speed

    Max 1200 bottles /hour

    Stacking height

    3 layers 5 x 5

    Table height

    600±50mm (according to customer requirements)

    Machine size

    3600 x 2200 x 3300mm (subject to actual)


     For pallet stacking work, suitable for bottled water

    Compressed air

    0.4-0.6Mpa, 20L/Min

    Equipment weight


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